Choosing an infrared heater - what to look for?

Infrared heating is a new choice in solving the problem of constructing heating systems. The disadvantages of conventional convection heating devices are well known. They primarily heat the surrounding air, which accumulates near the ceiling of the room. This circumstance makes convection heating systems unsuitable for heating large-area premises with high ceilings, for example, production shops. Most of the energy that an infrared heater emits is long-wave radiation, similar in structure to the thermal spectrum of the sun. Like the sun, infrared heating with its radiant energy heats primarily opaque objects. Further heating of the air occurs as a result of convection heat transfer with already heated objects. In this article, we decided to consider in detail how to choose an infrared heater by power and company.

The use of infrared rays in heating systems

IR heating can be chosen as the main or additional heating means for both an apartment and a house, as well as for other buildings (chicken coop, greenhouse, garage, etc.). An infrared heater can even be used as a heater for a balcony, if the latter is glazed and well insulated.

Heated balcony

One of the main features that distinguish an infrared heater from convection devices is the peculiarity of its effect on all living organisms. The fact is that getting on human skin, infrared rays cause a sensation of heat, regardless of the movement of the surrounding air and its temperature. Remember how the sun's rays warm on a frosty winter day. Due to this effect, the choice of infrared heating of the room provides a feeling of comfort for a person at an air temperature several degrees lower than in the case of convection heating. Thus, the infrared heater produces the greatest effect when a person is under the direct influence of heat rays. This circumstance determines the most appropriate choice of using IR heaters.

This heating option is best chosen as an addition to the main heating system and the implementation of zone heating. For example, you need to choose a device for the room. The infrared heater can be located on the ceiling above the bed, sofa, desk. The overall temperature in the room can be reduced by regulating the main heating system. Thus, the most comfortable conditions can be created only in areas of long stay of people, which will create a certain savings. In general, the choice of the ceiling version of the location of the infrared heater is most preferable, given its properties.

Infrared room heating

It is promising to use radiant heating of workplaces in large production halls, where in the winter season warm air quickly escapes through the openable gates, and it accumulates mainly under the ceiling, as already mentioned. In this situation, a small heater installed above the machine will provide a comfortable working environment.

The use of infrared heating in greenhouses is very effective. The devices located on the ceiling deeply warm the soil in the beds and shoots of plants. In this case, it is advisable to establish control of the temperature of the soil, not the air in the greenhouse. Choosing this type of heating for the greenhouse can bring significant savings. For the same reason, it is more profitable to choose the use of infrared rays for heating chicken coops.

What to look for when choosing

Now briefly consider the main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing the optimal infrared heater for the price and quality.


The choice of this parameter depends on whether the infrared heater will be used as the main or as an additional heating device. In the first case, it is recommended to choose a power of 1kW per 10m2 the area of ​​the heated room. In the second case, you can choose the minimum power. In any case, it is preferable to choose a model with a temperature controller. This will create a comfortable environment in any weather, without spending extra electricity.

The picture below clearly shows the correct choice of IR heater power, depending on the area of ​​the room:

Electric heater power selection

It should be noted that if the ceiling height is 3 meters, you need to increase the power to 1.3 kW per 10 square meters. If the room has panoramic glazing, for the calculation you need to increase the power to 1.5 kW.

Mounting method

In this matter, the choice can be made in favor of a ceiling, wall or floor design. It all depends on the interior of a particular room and the tasks that an infrared heater should solve. In general, the choice of a ceiling structure looks preferable. With this arrangement, the device does not occupy usable space, the largest area of ​​the floor is in the area of ​​heat rays, there are no obstacles between the radiator and the heating objects.

Types of IR heaters

Special attention deserves the choice of portable design, which can be mounted on a special tripod, or suspended on the wall. Such an infrared heater can be moved from one room to another, which has its advantages.

Additional options

Before choosing an infrared heater, you should pay attention to the presence of some very useful functions:

  • Automatic temperature control provided by a built-in thermostat.
  • The presence of a protective shutdown implemented by means of an overheating sensor.
  • For small desktop models, it is highly desirable to have a limit switch that turns off the heater when it is toppled over.
  • For ease of use, it is better to choose a ceiling model equipped with a remote control system.

Manufacturer's choice

So, from which company to choose a heater in order to properly spend money and not to lose with the choice? Many people distrust goods made in China. This is not always justified. The fact is that many multinational companies place their production in Asian countries, including China. This is due to the low cost of labor in these countries compared to Europe and America. In such cases, the quality of goods manufactured, for example, in China, does not differ from the quality of goods released by other departments of the company. Thus, it is more correct to make a choice in favor of a well-known brand, without taking into account the country of origin. It is much more important to choose an infrared heater of the company that is serviced by warranty and service centers located in your area.

The best manufacturers of infrared heaters today are the following companies:

  • Ballu (China);
  • Electrolux (Sweden);
  • Timberk (Sweden);
  • Noirot (France);
  • Polaris (China);
  • Sinbo (Turkey);
  • Neoclima (Russia, Ukraine);

These companies in 2017 are most popular among buyers. As for the most optimal models in terms of price and quality, best infrared heaters We have listed in a separate article, which we recommend that you read.

We also advise you to get acquainted with the opinion of experts regarding the choice of heaters for apartments and houses:

Now you know how to choose an infrared heater by power, company and additional features. We hope our tips helped you find the right IR heater for your apartment, house or villa!

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