Review of the robot cleaner Cleverpanda i5

If you decide to choose a multifunctional robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning your house or apartment, but don’t know which model to prefer, we recommend that you pay attention to the Cleverpanda i5 model. The robot body has a stylish design that wins women's hearts in red or gold. Men like this model with a technological appearance. The characteristics of the Cleverpanda i5 robot vacuum cleaner can compete with counterparts from premium manufacturers (the same iRobot), so in this article we provided an overview of this robotic vacuum cleaner.

Panda i5 photo

Let's start with the thickness that Cleverpanda has reduced to a minimum of 5.9 cm. Thanks to this, the robot can clean even the most inaccessible places, for example, under some furniture. In addition, I would like to note the presence of side brushes, the shape of which allows you to remove not only the corners of the rooms, but also the area along the walls. At the same time, garbage is not scattered during cleaning, as is often the case with other robotic vacuum cleaners.

Among the other advantages of Cleverpanda i5 I would like to highlight:

  1. A sufficiently powerful lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which reaches as much as 7000 mAh. What is more important - the battery can be charged up to 1000 times, and this significantly extends the service life of the vacuum cleaner (3 times compared with lithium or nickel batteries).
  2. High-performance engine, the power of which reaches 125 W, which undoubtedly improves the quality of cleaning. It should be noted that the declared service life of the electric motor is 5 thousand hours of operation, and this is many times more than most robotic vacuum cleaners on the market today.
  3. The cleaning area per charge is approximately 240 square meters. This is enough for the full cleaning of a spacious cottage, not to mention an apartment or a private house.
  4. The Cleverpanda i5 robot vacuum cleaner runs virtually silently (45 dB). When compared with analogues, the noise level of some reaches 60 dB.
  5. The garbage collection container has an upper location, which allows you to get the container without spilling dirt. Many buyers note the convenience of using the robot.
  6. The program includes several cleaning options: automatic, spiral, manual, timer, corner cleaning, etc.
  7. Cleverpanda i5 is equipped with an HD camera, which is needed not only to navigate the vacuum cleaner, but also to control the quality of cleaning - the active shooting mode allows you to connect to the system through a smartphone and "see through the eyes of the robot."
  8. Speaking of management, you can set commands to the robot via Wi-Fi, from anywhere in the world, which not all premium class analogues can boast of.
  9. Another important advantage of the Cleverpand robot is its wet cleaning. This washing vacuum cleaner can wash any modern floor covering due to the combined microfiber and a special nozzle.
  10. And finally, I would like to note far from the most recent advantage - a two-year warranty period, which confirms the good quality of the manufacturer.
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