Is it possible to connect PVA and VVG using PPE caps?

Sasha asks:
I changed the wiring throughout the apartment, used a siz and a 2.5 mm cable with a connection through a siz. But in one place multi-core 3 by 2.5 mm PVA cables were already laid. I installed these stranded wires on the PPE plus made a margin of length after the cap of 3 cm, insulated with electrical tape and heat shrink from above, how reliable is the connection at a maximum load of 2 kW? He gave a load, the caps did not warm up, plus a high-quality connection, although a multicore wire. Thank.
The answer to the question:
Hello! PVA type wires should not be used at all in electrical wiring. The connection of multi-wire cores with the help of PPEs may be possible, but I cannot guarantee that the contact is high-quality, since the PPEs are used to connect rigid single-wire cores, and because I did not see what kind of contact it turned out. Nevertheless, it is better to apply soldering or welding.

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