TOP 5 ceiling infrared heaters in 2017

With the approach of cold weather, are you increasingly thinking about buying a modern and high-quality heater? Among all the variety, it is quite difficult to choose a really good electrical appliance. The so-called next-generation models, which work thanks to infrared rays, are becoming increasingly popular. We bring to your attention the rating of the best infrared heaters in 2017 according to sales and customer reviews.

Neoclima IR-0.8

Our rating is opened by a good infrared heater Neoclima IR-0.8, designed for uniform heating even of poorly insulated rooms. Suitable for high ceilings. The appliance is quite economical and does not take up much space. The heating power is 700 watts. The product is affordable and quite high quality, for which it gets 5th place in the TOP of the best models.Neoclima IR-0.8

Ballu BIH-AP-0.8

The fourth place in the ranking of the best ceiling heaters is occupied by the excellent Ballu BIH-AP-0.8 model, which has a beautiful design and all the basic characteristics for high-quality work. The effective heating area is up to 8 sq.m., power 800 watts. At the same time, the electric appliance is quite economical and weighs 3.2 kg, which distinguishes it for the better among similar products. Features include the ability to connect to a thermostat. The price of the device is within 2,500.Ballu BIH-AP-0.8

Zilon IR-0.8. S

Inexpensive infrared model Zilon IR-0.8. S takes 3rd place in the ranking of the best ceiling mount heaters. It has protection against overheating, mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall. The effective heating area is 8 sq.m., power - 800 watts. The electric appliance received good reviews and deserves to be in TOP 5, especially since its price does not exceed 2,000. Best suited for installation in an apartment.Zilon IR-0.8.S

Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572

On the second line in our ranking is the Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572. This model is more expensive than the previous ones, the price will be about 5,500, but this has its own explanation. Reliable heater has a power of 1 800 W, which is suitable for heating an office or cottage. In addition, the infrared electrical appliance has a special moisture-proof housing. Of the features - the recommended mounting height is 3 meters.Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572

Almac IK11

An honorary winner in the ranking of infrared heaters was Almac IK11. The manufacturer made a wonderful IR heater with a heating area of ​​20 sq.m. and power of 1,000 watts. Of the positive reviews, a beautiful design, fast heating and easy installation are noted. Almac SG11 is ideal for heating cottages or greenhouses in the cold season. Customers also note quiet operation without cod, which can not be said about many other models. The cost of the heater is about 3,500, which undoubtedly makes it the best according to the main criterion of "price-quality".Almac IK11

Floor and wall appliances

In addition to the ceiling, there are also wall and floor heaters with infrared radiation. Among wall models, the following are considered the best:

  1. Stiebel Eltron IW 180
  2. Mister Heat Thermal C-0.1
  3. Noirot Royat 2 1200

Among the floor IR heaters, there are also rating leaders who are most popular and have received positive consumer reviews:

  1. Polaris PKSH 0408RC
  2. NeoClima NC-IRHLS-2.5
  3. Ballu Bihp / M - 1500

By the way, there are even outdoor infrared heaters! For example, the Kvimol KM05 model has a waterproof housing and can withstand snow, rain, etc. This street heater is able to heat up to 10 sq.m. Square on the street.

We introduced you to the rating of the best infrared heaters. It makes no sense to freeze in the winter when there is such a huge selection of inexpensive modern models. Installation in the ceiling makes them almost invisible, so you can not worry about the design of the apartment. Listen to our advice and you will not regret it!

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