Why connect the hood in the bathroom?

Semyon asks:
Good day. In general, I have this situation: they bought an apartment, in the bathroom in the exhaust duct there is wiring for connecting an exhaust fan, three wires, but there is no current on them. What I just didn’t do and I bought and connected an exhaust fan - no, and I took apart the switches for the bathroom in the hope that there would be separate wires for turning on the hood - no, and I cleaned those wires - no, I looked at any separate switches or switches on the shield - no . Most likely, it seems to me, the thing may be that when wiring, this cable was simply not connected or it was damaged when installing the fixtures in the bathroom and this would be solvable - if it weren’t for the fact that everything is closed there by ceiling panels and disassemble the ceiling I would not want to, especially since it is not yet 100% that the problem is this.

But there should be a hood, there are even wires, but for some reason there is no current on them, well!

Please help, either somehow in the current situation with these wires, or some other option with the hood connected to the bathroom. The only thing that comes to my mind is to put the cable on the tile, close it with a cable car and plug it into a socket, put the breaker on when you need it, but agree - it would be as unaddressable as possible to lead a cable car over the tile and then wind it into the ventilation shaft ... Therefore, I and here you are knowledgeable people, professionals, maybe you know how it was possible to mount all this or to make some kind of decision. Thanks in advance!

The answer to the question:
Hello! As an option, if a lamp is close to the hood, connect from it. The fan will work only when the light is on, so that when the light is on, the fan can be turned off - to release a small switch from it on the wire, such as those used on table lamps, there are also exhaust fans with their own switch.

In any case, you will have to disassemble the ceiling or part of it. What kind of ceiling is made? You can also check if there is access and what happens in the junction boxes closest to the bathrooms. I cannot give an exact answer to the remaining questions “why there is no current in the wires,” because it is unrealistic. By the way, if the lamp is built into the ceiling - try to remove it, what if these wires pass through the lamp? If 3 wires, then it is quite possible ...

What is cable cab? Cable channel? I agree that this would not be aesthetically pleasing, but also to drive the cable into the ventilation ducts.


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