How to connect a TV 100 volt 142 watts from the on-board network 12V?

Yuri asks:
The TV cuts down the step-up transformer from 12 volts to 100, TV 100 volts, 142 watts. All this on a boat. What parameters do you need a transformer, a converter to work TV. This is on a boat.
The answer to the question:
Hello! Unfortunately, I did not encounter the electric equipment of the boat and its on-board network, how did you connect the transformer there? Where does the alternating current come from? Or is it not a transformer, but a converter from 12 to 100 volts? In any case, you need a boost converter with more than 142 watts, preferably 200-250 watts. But is it worth it? The fact is that from the ready-made solutions what comes to mind is to look for an inverter under the "American" voltage of 12-110V of the required power. But it’s difficult to find them in stores, rather you will have to look for aliexpress. By the way, is the TV powered by 100 volts DC or AC? If constant, then you will also have to put a diode bridge on the inverter output.

At the same time, there are many car TVs that operate on 12 volts DC, they are also called "car TVs", in addition, they can often work from both 12V and 220V. It’s easier and more rational to buy one.


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