Problems with a two-key light switch in the bathroom and toilet

Victor asks:
Question: I have a two-key switch in the corridor that includes a kitchen and a toilet. The problem is this: I turn on the toilet, then turn on the kitchen, then turn off the toilet - the light in the kitchen goes out. Why?

Zero approaches the switch from the bottom of the common terminal, and the two output to the light bulbs are lit from the indicator as if they are two phases, I would like the light bulbs to burn independently of each other, how to do this?

The answer to the question:
Firstly, the phase should come to the switch - start with this, find the switch box and ring what wire goes to the switch.

Secondly, what are the bulbs? Incandescent? Maybe they are incorrectly connected and when they burn together - turn on sequentially?

I correctly understood that in the toilet the light can be on separately, and in the kitchen separately, that is, without the toilet, the light is off? Below I enclose a diagram of approximately what you now have, the “2” switch when it turns on the “KITCHEN” lamp shunts, it goes out. But in theory, when you turn on one of the keys, the lighting in the spirit of the rooms should light up immediately. Perhaps you were a little mistaken in writing your question, but even if not, a solution to the problem awaits you in the distribution box.

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