How to make autonomous heating of the apartment with electricity?

Recently, many residents of apartment buildings are moving from a central heating system to an autonomous one. This is due to the fact that when using heat from the housing and communal services, you can wait a long time for the onset of the heating season or the temperature in the apartment is not high enough and you still have to buy additional heaters. In addition, the central pipe line in old prefabricated houses often fails: the pipes break through, constantly change, as a result of which the owners can only wait until they are given heat again. In order not to depend on public services, you can make electric heating in the apartment with your own hands and independently regulate the temperature of the housing. We will talk about how to carry out installation and which heaters to use for this next!

Keep in mind!

It should immediately be noted that the electric heating in the apartment will cost much more than urban water heating. This is due to the high power of heaters and high electricity tariffs. Despite this, if you correctly calculate the power of electric heaters, set the economical mode of operation and correctly place the devices in rooms, you can significantly save on the bill for light and use an individual heating system without overpayments. Next, we will tell you which electric heaters are best to choose and where to install them correctly so that the work is effective.

Scheme of the heating system of two-room Khrushchev

Scheme of the heating system of two-room Khrushchev

It is equally important to immediately highlight the pros and cons of electric heating in the apartment. As for the advantages, it is, of course, ease of connection, high efficiency of heaters, durability and small dimensions, which significantly saves the free space of the room. In addition, the installation of electric heating does not need to issue additional permissions, which take a lot of time and nerves. Disadvantages, as you know, are the high material costs of utilities and the replacement of wiring, if necessary.

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Choosing the Right System

Depending on the area of ​​the living room and the quality of wall insulation, a suitable option for autonomous electric heating of the apartment is selected. If you are the owner of a one-room or two-room Khrushchev, then the system can handle it warm floor in combination with electric convectors or infrared panels. Combinations with infrared heaters are more profitable and efficient, because thermal radiation will be directed from top to bottom and all the heat will circulate in the lower part of the room.Heating an apartment with electric convectors is better only due to the fact that the devices do not dry the air and do not have a negative impact on human well-being. There are many reviews that IR heaters with constant radiation adversely affect health, which is their drawback.Comparison of alternatives

With the rest advantages and disadvantages of infrared heaters You can find it in the corresponding article. Nevertheless, as statistics show, in 2017 such devices are actively bought for domestic use!

As for the electric underfloor heating, it is really very popular and effective. Carry out laying a film underfloor heating under the laminate anyone can, even a kettle in an electrician. In addition, only heated tracks in the apartment can be made of material, and not a film can be laid over the entire floor area. This heating option will positively reflect on energy savings and at the same time will effectively warm the room.Underfloor heating

If you live in a three-room or four-room dwelling, then it would be more reasonable to use the connection of electric water heating in the apartment. This is due to the large total area of ​​the rooms, which will require a full, powerful heating system. For example, if the area is 130 square meters, with the calculation of 1 kW / 10 square meters. it will be necessary to install no less than a 13-kilowatt bundle of electric heaters. Of course, in the winter you will give a lot of money for the operation of an individual electric heating system. In addition, to use this option, the wiring must be powerful, able to withstand high current loads. In this case, without replacement of wiring in the apartment not do, which, again, will hit your budget. At the same time, if you use water radiators powered by an electric boiler, the heating will be autonomous and less costly, which will allow you to “kill two birds with one stone”.Boiler heating

We recommend that you immediately read the article on how to connect the boiler to the network do it yourself so that you don’t make mistakes and the system lasts longer!

Installation tips

In order for you to correctly carry out the installation of autonomous electric heating in the apartment yourself, we recommend that you consider the following tips from specialists:

  • Place convectors under the windows (as shown in the photo) to eliminate all drafts and compensate for the heat exchange between the street and the room through the glass.The correct arrangement of convectors
  • At choosing electric convectors for autonomous heating of the apartment, give preference to the underfloor option. In this case, the equipment does not occupy the free volume of the room at all.Floor heaters photo
  • Wiring must be earthed. It is strictly forbidden to connect an electric boiler without grounding. About, how to do grounding in the apartment with your own hands, we told in the corresponding article.Grounding bar
  • It is recommended to lay underfloor heating in the bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen. The main thing is to choose the right material depending on the floor covering. If it is a tile - buy a heating cable, parquet - a film coating.The main varieties of electric underfloor heating
  • It is recommended to install thermostats in the coldest points of the room at a height of 1.5 meters from the floor.Temperature controller
  • IR panels should be placed in the center of the ceiling so that the radiation spreads evenly throughout the room.Correct placement of ceiling panels
  • It is not recommended to choose oil heaters for the apartment. Such devices are more rational to use if you want make electric heating in the countrybecause an oil radiator allows you to warm up the room for a short time and for a higher payment (energy consumption is poor).The use of oil heaters

How to save on electricity

Well, the last thing I would like to talk about is how to make electric heating in an apartment cheap, but at the same time effective.The first thing you should consider - without temperature controllers, installation will not be profitable. It is temperature controllers, and especially electronic ones, that allow you to set the optimum temperature regime without overpaying for excess heat.

Another way to save money is to connect multi-tariff energy meters. We considered advantages and disadvantages of dual tariff meters. Once again, we note that for each region, the benefits may be different. Still, more positive reviews about such devices. Owners of two-tariff electricity meters recommend turning on the heaters at night, so that during the day, while everyone is working, the independent heating will be turned off. Thus, it is possible to save up to half of the consumed electricity, which makes autonomous electric heating in the apartment not very expensive. If you decide to install such meters, be sure to analyze the tariffs for 2017 on the Internet for your city, based on which you will understand whether such devices are profitable or not.Energy saving

Well, the last way to reduce costs - high-quality insulation of rooms. There are confirmed results that with bona fide thermal insulation of housing, electric heaters with a capacity of 30-40% less than the calculated one can be used. For example, the calculation of 1 kW / 10 sq. Meters is reduced to 0.6 kW / m. Sq., And this is a significant difference.

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