Connection diagram for differential automaton

We have already considered with you, how to connect a differential machine do it yourself. The event is not at all complicated, the main thing is to think over the installation location of the device in the distribution panel, as well as choose the most suitable product characteristics for power. Next, we will dwell on the first paragraph in detail and show you several schemes for connecting a difavtomat in a single-phase and three-phase network.

Single-phase 220 V network

In apartments and private houses, the most outdated version of the wiring is used - with a single phase. In this case, the rated voltage is 220 V, so it is necessary to use a bipolar product. As for the connection scheme of the difavtomat, it can be presented in two versions. The first is when protection is installed only after the meter, serving all home wiring.

Circuit with introductory protective device

In this case, when the automation is triggered and turned off, it will be more difficult to find the cause of the failure, so it is advisable to give preference to the second, more reliable option.

The correct connection diagram for the difavtomat in a single-phase network with grounding:

Separate service for each group

As you can see, a separate device is installed on each group of wires. If one difavtomat works, the second will continue to function.

Three-phase network 380 V

The only important difference of the 3-phase network is that instead of one phase conductor, three phases are immediately provided at the input: L1, L2, L3. In this case, it is necessary to use a 4-pole 380V dififavomat, the connection diagram of which will look like this:

Three-phase network difavtomat connection diagram

This option can be used in a new house, or rather a cottage, which must withstand high current loads from electrical appliances. Also, this option is sometimes used when installation of electrical wiring in the garagebecause powerful welding machines, compressors and other electrical equipment can be used here.

Without grounding

All the previous schemes for connecting the differential machine were grounded, now I would like to provide an outdated model that uses a two-wire 220V network.

Connect the difavtomat without land according to the following scheme:

Without PE protection

This method of wiring can be seen in old panel-type houses. It is extremely unsafe and therefore recommend replace wiring in the house to a new one with grounding contact.

We also recommend that you view existing connection options in video reviews:

That's all I wanted to tell about this topic. We advise you to use differential machines only from popular manufacturers: abb, legrand (legrand), IEK and Schneider electric, so that the protection lasts a long time, and most importantly - in good conscience.

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