How much electricity does an electric boiler consume?

A person needs heating and hot water, because one cannot live without them. To solve this problem, gas, firewood, coal, electricity are used. If earlier ovens were used for this, boilers are now preferred. It can be gas, solid fuel and electric. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. In Russia, the cheapest heating option is gas. But gas is not always safe and not in all areas. A particular problem with gas in villages and towns. An electric boiler is installed for heating and heating water where there is no possibility to connect gas, for example, in cottages, country houses, apartments without gas supply. The simplicity of the design attracts the buyer of the electric boiler, but behind the simplicity lies a large energy consumption. In this article we will tell you how much electricity is consumed by an electric boiler and how you can save on electric heating.

Types of Boilers

Electric boilers are distinguished by four main characteristics:

  1. Power. Electricity consumption depends on it.
  2. Device. An electric boiler can heat the coolant in different ways: heating elements (efficiency up to 95%), induction heating (efficiency up to 98%), electrode (efficiency up to 98%).
  3. The number of circuits is 1 or 2.
  4. Design (boiler room or not).

Types of electric boilers

How to calculate boiler power

A number of factors depend on the final power of the installation. Averaged take ceilings up to 3 meters high. In this case, the calculation is reduced to a ratio of 1 kW per 10 m2, with a climate characteristic of the middle bands. However, for an accurate calculation, consider the following factors:

  • the condition of windows, doors and floors, the presence of gaps on them;
  • what the walls are made of;
  • the presence of additional insulation;
  • how the house is lit by the sun;
  • climatic conditions;

If your room blows from all the cracks, then you and 3 kW per 10 m2 may not be enough. The path to energy conservation lies in the use of quality materials and compliance with all construction technologies.

You should not take a boiler with a large margin, this will lead to high electricity consumption and financial costs. The stock should be 10% or 20%.

The final power is affected by the principle of operation. Look at the comparison table, it will certainly help you:

Electricity consumption by electric boiler

How to calculate power consumption

To find out how much the electric boiler consumes per day or per month, you need to calculate its operating mode. Firstly, at full capacity it works for you a third, at most half of the season, during the period of the most severe frosts. Secondly, decide how long it works for you per day. Let's say that you will leave it at work at minimum power during the day, and turn it on at full at night. Then the time of maximum power consumption by an electric boiler is about 6-9 hours. Now you need to multiply the number of working hours by the cost of 1 kW / hour of electricity.

Here is an example of calculating the daily consumption of an electric boiler under the conditions:

  1. The boiler operates at full capacity 8 hours a day.
  2. Boiler power 9 kW.
  3. The cost of electricity is 4.04 r per 1 kW / h (tariff for residential premises equipped with electric furnaces and electric heating plants as of January 1, 2018 in Moscow).


8 * 9 * 4.04 = 290 per day.

In fact, it can work not at full power for 8 hours, but 24 hours at a third of the power, for example, etc. To calculate monthly expenses, you need to multiply the resulting number by the number of working days:

290 * 30 = 8700 rubles per month.

Fairly high costs of electricity by an electric boiler. To calculate the cost of the heating season, you can multiply the number of hours per day by the power of the electric boiler and the number of days in the season, and then divide the resulting amount by 2. This will help to take into account the period of operation in severe frosts and the time of operation at the minimum capacity of the electric boiler in early autumn and spring.

How to save money

Installation of a two-rate counter saves electricity costs. Moscow rates for apartments and houses equipped with stationary electric heating installations distinguish between two costs:

  1. 4.65 p from 7:00 to 23:00.
  2. 1.26 p from 23:00 to 7:00.

Then you will spend, subject to round-the-clock operation of 9 kW of an electric boiler switched on by a third of power:

9*0,3*12*4,65 + 9*0,3*12*1,26 = 150 + 40 = 190

The difference in daily consumption is 80. You will save 2400 per month. Which justifies the installation of a two-tariff meter.

Two tariff electricity metering

The second way to save money when using a two-tariff meter is to use automatic control devices for electrical appliances. It consists in laying the peak consumption of the electric boiler, boiler and other things at night, then most of the electricity will be charged at 1.26, and not at 4.65. While you are at work, the boiler can either turn off completely or operate in a low-power mode, for example, at 10% of capacity. To automate the operation of the electric boiler, you can use programmable digital thermostats or boilers with the possibility of programming.

In conclusion, I would like to note that heating the house with electricity quite a costly method, regardless of the specific method, whether it be an electric boiler, convector or other electric heater. They come to him only in cases where there is no way to connect to the gas. In addition to the costs of operating an electric boiler, you are waiting for initial costs for the design of a three-phase electric power input.

The main chores are:

  • execution of a package of documents, including technical specifications, electrical project, etc .;
  • grounding organization;
  • the cost of the cable for connecting the house and wiring a new wiring;
  • counter installation.

Moreover, you may be denied three-phase input and power increaseif in your area there is no such technical possibility when TPs already work to the limit. The choice of the type of boiler and heating depends not only on your desires, but also on the capabilities of the infrastructure.

That is where we end our short article. We hope that now it has become clear to you what the real consumption of electricity is by an electric boiler and how you can reduce the cost of heating a house with electricity.

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