Electric heating of a private house - 2 best schemes

Heating a private house with electricity is relevant if gas is not connected to the site. If use two-tariff electricity meter, such a system will not be too costly, so further we will consider 2 popular schemes for electric heating of a house.

To begin with, it should be noted that the most effective electric heaters for a private house today are:

  • electric convectors;
  • system warm floor;
  • IR heaters;
  • electric boiler.

To your attention a modern scheme of electric heating of a private house:The use of convectors and underfloor heating systems

As you can see, the largest room is heated by convectors, whose advantages are ease of installation and low energy costs. On the second floor, floor heating is used, which is capable of raising the temperature to an optimum value in a short period of time (besides, again, this type of heating is economical). The smallest room is heated by infrared devices, which, like the two options listed above, can save energy.

You can also use the heating scheme of a country house with electricity in combination with water heating of the room.

In this case, the project of a two-story summer house will look like this:Using an electric boiler and batteries

As you can see, the options can be varied, and it all depends on the individual conditions of the room (insulation quality, room area, wall material, etc.).

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