MGTF wire specifications

Installation of wiring in rooms with high temperature, inside heating elements and other things always causes problems. After all, insulation begins to melt and collapse when heated. From this article you will learn about one of the conductors that can easily endure the heat. Further, we will talk about how the MGTF wire is arranged and what technical characteristics it has.

Labeling Explanation

The composition of the conductor is indicated in the marking - this is true for domestic products. Here is how MGTF wire marking is deciphered:

  • M - mounting;
  • G - flexible;
  • T - heat resistant;
  • F - isolation from ftoroplast.


  • The shielded version is labeled with MGTFE. It is needed to protect the communication line from interference when working near sources of strong electromagnetic fields. The screen is made of tinned copper wire to prevent corrosion. May contain more than 1 core, which is reflected in the picture below.
  • MGTFS - coated with an additional silicone shell.


A material like fluoroplastic is a good dielectric. There are also MGTF options not with copper, but with silver core. The presence of various modifications significantly expands the scope of the wire.

Design features

Now that we know what the MGTF wire consists of, let's take a closer look at its design.

MGTF design

The conductor here is a flexible copper core from a set of twisted 14 or more copper wires, the flexibility class of which is 5 or 6. A layer of fluoroplastic insulation is wound over the core. The structure of the winding is shown in the figure below.

Insulation winding structure

To strengthen the edges of such insulation so that it does not untwist, MTHF is subjected to heat treatment. Its marking may be supplemented by the abbreviation MC.

The insulation is quite dense, but does not hinder the mobility of the MGTF wire, it easily withstands the most complex bends. In this case, the material is selected so that the wire is not only resistant to heat, but also not fray. We will tell you where it is needed later.

Description of characteristics

Technical characteristics of MGTF wire correspond to design features. It is designed to be suitable for a wide range of tasks.

  1. The rated voltage of alternating current is 250 V, at a frequency of up to 5 kHz, and for direct current - 350 V.
  2. The insulation resistance is not less than 5 megohms, when measured on a wire length of 1 m.
  3. Climatic modification - UHL (temperate and cold climate).
  4. Operating temperature range - from -60 to +220 degrees Celsius.
  5. Permissible relative humidity is 98% at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.
  6. The range of permissible atmospheric pressure limits is from 0.67 kPa to 295 kPa.
  7. It is tested with a voltage of 1.5 kV, a frequency of 50 Hz.
  8. Resistant to vibration, shock, linear loads and acoustic noise.
  9. The service life, subject to the recommended conditions, is at least 20 years, although some sources indicate 3 years, other external factors may be taken into account.

Important: MGTF wire is manufactured according to TU 16-505.185-71.

Another interesting feature of MGTF is that in its range there are small sections: from 0.03 to 2.5 square meters. mm This allows it to be used for connections inside electronic devices. Below you can find the section table.

MGTF wire cross-sections

MGTF wire weight depends on a number of factors: cross-sectional area, number of cores, screen availability, etc.

Application area

Such characteristics and size range make it possible to use MGTF for solving a number of problems. Let us consider in more detail why it is needed.

Radio amateurs and professionals have long understood the purpose and capabilities of the MGTF. Therefore, its characteristics are used to the maximum - heat resistance and abrasion resistance of this brand allow the wire to be used both inside electronic devices and outside, passing it through cable entries or technological holes.

Wire for radio equipment

In devices where sources of elevated temperature are present - heating elements, spirals, electronic components that are very hot, the heat resistance of fluoroplastic insulation will allow you not to worry about its integrity.

Thanks to the same characteristic, some fans use the wire itself as a heater. An example of this is the use of MGTF for steering wheel heating or seat heating.

Heat resistant conductor

Top manufacturers

MGTF wire is produced by such enterprises as:

  • LLC "Kama cable", Perm;
  • AO Sibcable, LLC HKA, Tomsk;
  • JSC "Plant" Chuvashkabel ", Cheboksary.

If you could not find MGTF, you can see its analogues:

  1. MGShV - mounting flexible wire in silk and PVC insulation. The difference is a smaller temperature range, namely up to +70 degrees Celsius.
  2. RKGM - a wire in a sheath of fiberglass yarns is more suitable for wiring than for use in electronics, although it is ideal for connecting heaters in a heater.

The video below details where this wire is used and how to work with it:

Now you know what technical characteristics the MGTF wire has and how it works. We hope that the description provided was useful and interesting for you!

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