Why does the machine knock out due to connected devices?

Andrew asks:
Good evening. He knocks out plugs because of connected devices, I didn’t notice this before, but now if I turn on the kettle and the light is on in the room, it cuts down the entire apartment from electricity. Also with a vacuum cleaner, or in medium mode to work, then ok, if you turn on the full mode, it knocks out traffic jams. Knocks out what, put a photograph.


Is there a danger to replace it with a new one with a more powerful one, or put the same one in power, perhaps it is out of order. Or the matter is wiring in general. How to proceed? What do you advise to do?

The answer to the question:
Hello! When connecting to the same sockets of weak devices is everything all right? It knocks out as if due to overload?

First of all, replace the machine, is it introductory with you?

In no case do you need a larger face value, but you used to withstand it! If you knocked out specifically with one device, then the problem would be in it, and so, at a certain load, the machine knocks you out. This suggests that:

  1. The machine has failed. Could the contacts burn and warm up - the thermal release trips, etc.
  2. The terminals of the machine are heated - strip the wires, terminal blocks and stretch them.

If there were problems with the wiring, then I would knock it out constantly, including when the light was turned on.

P.S. Your machine, to put it mildly, is not brand-name at all, you should not rely on quality or recognition from specialists.

A separate article about the operation of a circuit breaker:https://my.electricianexp.com/en/pochemu-srabatyvaet-avtomaticheskij-vyklyuchatel.html.


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  • Misha

    When the refrigerator with the No Frost system enters the defrost mode, traffic jams in the apartment. After turning on the machine, the refrigerator works normally until the defrost is turned on, at the time of switching on - it knocks the plugs out again.

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