Why is a warm floor diphtomat knocked out?

Dmitry asks:
Difavtomat AVDT 64 C 20A was installed, a warm floor in the bathroom and a cabin with a jacuzzi were fed through it. Everything worked for 8 years. In the fall, turned on the warm floor. Thermostat E 31.116 is installed on the floor. It works in standby mode, you turn on the heating, the differential cuts down, you drop the load from the thermostat, it works. I can’t understand this, I stopped holding the differential load or changed the regulator. Tell me pzh.
The answer to the question:
Most likely the load (underfloor heating) - a cable or film from time to time somewhere began to break through "to the ground." But perhaps your guesses are correct - first, replace the difavtomat. If it does not help, you need to change the warm floor, or if it is possible, turn off its sections in turn.

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