Choosing a steamer for the home - what is important to know

Do you want to look neat but hate ironing clothes? There is an exit! In this article, an expert in fashion will give practical tips on caring for different types of fabric. You will learn how to choose a high-quality steamer for the home, which will easily and quickly put your clothes in order.

Key selection criteria

Fashion industry workers have long used steamers instead of irons. Such a replacement is quite logical: it is impossible to spoil expensive things with a steamer + working with this device is faster and more efficient. However, these devices have gained popularity among housewives. Every year, more and more people buy them for use at home.

Personal stylist Lina Grata says that she first tried the steamer during work and since then has not been separated from him even at home. We suggest you watch a video in which the expert gives some tips on using steamers.

As you understand from the video, you need to approach the choice of a steamer for the house with knowledge of the matter. Based on the opinion of a professional and the data on the forums on the Internet, we have compiled a list of details that you should pay attention to when buying a suitable model for the home.

Device type

Steamers are divided into manual, floor, professional and multifunctional. You need to understand for what purpose the device will be used. Let's analyze each type using a specific example.

Handheld steamers are compact and easy to use. Hand-held models are convenient to take with you on the road, and some of them can be used instead of a kettle. Take the Grand Master GM-H600 as an example. Its powerful and continuous flow of steam penetrates deep into the fabric and smooths the deepest folds. Of the minuses, a small water tank can be noted.

Floor models are heavier and more tame. As a rule, they consist of a body, stand, ironing and hose. An example of a floor steamer is the Grand Master model GM-A900. You won’t take it on the road, but it is ideal for home use. The device is equipped with a capacious water tank, wheels under the body and a steaming mode switch.


Professional steamers are those models that are used in production. Such devices are powerful, work for a long time without refueling and give a high-quality result. Due to affordable prices, modern housewives increasingly prefer professional models. MIE Bello is an example of a professional device with an extended hose. Thanks to him, you can steam the curtains without removing it from the cornice.
MIE Bello

Multifunctional steamers. Such devices combine the functions of two or more devices. For example, the Grand Master GM-Q5 Multi Elite model is a steamer and a steam cleaner at the same time. That is, with the help of such a device, you can do a general cleaning in the house and steam things. As a rule, the only drawback of a good multifunction device is its high price.

GM-Q5 Multi Elite


Consider what characteristics you need to pay attention to when choosing a steamer for the home. There are only a few parameters, but they are all quite important. So:

  1. Device power. Once you have chosen the type of steamer, think about power. This characteristic is one of the most important, because it depends on it the speed and efficiency. The more powerful the device, the more intensively the steam is supplied.
  2. Steam pressure. Steamers are gravity-fed and steam-fed under pressure. With gravity flow machines, water is converted to steam and rises to the ironing line. In the second embodiment, steam is supplied under pressure. The jet comes out powerful and does not leave drops on clothes. We would recommend that you choose models with steam pressure, as they are the most efficient.
  3. Additional functions. You should be aware that modern models are often complemented by features. Among them are auto shut-off and the anti-drop system (heating the iron, which neutralizes excess moisture). Some steamers have additional functions. There are models that can be used as a steam cleaner (for example, MIE Bello). Other devices come with an iron that can be used to iron clothes (model Grand Master GM-Q7 Multi Elite).
  4. Additional nozzles. Pay attention to the equipment. It is good if the manufacturer offers additional nozzles for ironing (for example, with a nap), heat-resistant mittens (to protect the hand from steam), a device for creating arrows on trousers (because without it, the arrows are unlikely to work). As an example, look at what optional accessories are included with the Grand Master GM-Q7 Multi / T steamer model.

What else is important to know

To help you make your final decision, we have prepared several questions and tips:

  1. Do you plan to take the steamer with you when traveling? If so, then definitely buy a manual model.
  2. How do you usually iron at a time? If there is a lot, then choose a device with a capacious tank or with the possibility of refueling during operation.
  3. Are there any items made from coarse fabrics among your things? Do you encounter over-dried linens? If so, choose a powerful steamer.
  4. Will the steamer be used horizontally? If so, find out in advance about this feature. A typical horizontal version may release excess moisture on the product.
  5. Do you plan to move the device around the apartment? If so, make sure it is equipped with wheels.

The steamer requires some skill. There are no difficulties in its use, but still there are some nuances that every buyer should know. What things can I steam? What to do with delicate fabrics? You will receive answers to these questions, as well as clothing care tips in this video:

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    I have a GM Q5 Multi Elite, very happy with it. I steam them all the clothes, and disinfect the furniture, and clean the tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom. A multifunctional device, and the price does not bite. I recommend a closer look, a good thing. It has been serving me for almost two years, as our little one was born, and bought it. Serves seamlessly

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