10 tips for choosing a street heater for a summer residence

In the modern world, street electric heaters for cottages are gaining more and more popularity. These devices allow you to comfortably relax on the summer terrace even in winter, which is of interest to many summer residents who often travel outside the city in winter. Today we’ll talk about how to choose electric heaters for the street and which models of devices are considered the best.

What is the advantage of electric heaters

The main competitor of electric street heaters are gas models. Yes, gas-powered devices have their advantages: they are mobile (you can even take them outdoors), they are sometimes used as additional lighting, and at the same time, some options have an unrivaled design. However, outdoor electric heaters have those advantages that gas models are sorely lacking, namely:

  • Infrared heaters can operate at a minimum temperature of +5 degrees, while competitors only from +10.
  • The heat radiated by electrical appliances is softer and more palpable, as evidenced by many reviews on the Internet.
  • Electric heaters are more economical.
  • Network-powered models can be used even in half-closed rooms (for example, in the gazebo or on the terrace).

Modern solution for a summer residence

In general, both of these options for street heating will be quite comfortable and in demand, however, we want to pay more attention to street heaters operating on the mains.

Subtleties of choice

So, now we will talk about how to choose a street electric heater for a summer residence. Typically, such a device is installed in the patio area, on the summer terrace or even in the gazebo. If you select the power of the equipment correctly, you can increase the temperature in the recreation area by as much as 20-25 degrees, and if you also look for a model of the original design, then your summer terrace will turn into a cozy place for meeting friends and tea.

An example of heating a summer terrace in a cafe

An example of heating a summer terrace in a cafe

Given these facts, when choosing an outdoor heater, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Power. Manufacturers, as a rule, indicate how many square meters their equipment is designed for. Before buying an electric heater for the street, calculate the area of ​​your veranda or patio and, based on these data, select the appropriate option. For a small recreation area in the country, it is recommended to choose a 2 kW outdoor electric heater.
  2. The presence of automation. In new models there is a motion sensor. It is very convenient and effective - you left the veranda, the heating turned off, went back - turned on again.
  3. The presence of a power regulator. Another addition that will not only allow you to configure a comfortable temperature regime, but also save energy.
  4. The material of manufacture. It is desirable that the case was made of stainless steel and plastic. These materials are not susceptible to corrosion, which will increase the service life of the product.
  5. Design.One of the most important criteria for choosing a street electric heater is its installation method. There are floor models, hanging and the most original - built into the table (in the photo below, such an idea is clearly visible). Which type to choose for a summer residence, decide for yourself. Each option has its advantages. For example, a wall-mounted device does not take up much space, as is the case with a table. But at the same time, the outdoor street electric heater is more mobile.
  6. Cord length. Before you buy a particular model, look at how long the cord is for connecting to the network. Of course, most often they use an extension cord to connect an electric heater on the street, but if you have a power outlet in the gazebo, it would be nice if the cord could reach it.
  7. Availability of videos. The weight of the post-type apparatus is quite tangible. If you decide to choose a floor-mounted outdoor heater for the summer veranda, make sure that it is on wheels that will significantly simplify the movement of the object.
  8. Rollover protection. Another useful feature in which a complete power outage occurs if the electric heater falls or deviates by more than 15 degrees.
  9. Remote control. Manufacturers are constantly competing who will make the model more convenient to use. So, for some companies, the technique works from a remote control. Want to choose a convenient electric infrared heater for the street? Then it is useful to know about such a function.
  10. Manufacturer. Well, the last tip - seriously approach the choice of the company of your street electric heater. To date, the best, according to customer reviews, is Enders.

We also recommend that you watch the video, which clearly shows the process of installing an outdoor electric heater on the street:

Heater assembly for summer terrace

Rating models

Well, the last thing I would like to talk about is which models of street electric heaters are considered the most popular. For you, we have prepared a rating of models that are optimal in price and quality:

  1. ChillChaser NEPTUN. Quite an interesting model, which can be used not only for heating the summer terrace, but also as a local lamp. The main advantage of ChillChaser NEPTUN is its efficiency and extremely low noise level during operation. Of the additional functions, one can distinguish the presence of a motion sensor (it is turned on only when a person is detected in the visibility zone), as well as the presence of rollers for more convenient movement.ChillChaser NEPTUN photo
  2. Kvimol KM05. Wall-mounted version allows you to save space in the recreation area. The special advantage of Kvimol KM05 is that degree of protection the heater is IP 65, so the case is not afraid of rain. The cost of a wall-mounted electric heater for the street is quite low, and the useful heating area is 10 square meters, which is quite enough for a gazebo or veranda.Kvimol KM05 photo
  3. Alexander Rose Appollo. Another outdoor street heater, which is popular and has many positive reviews. With its relatively low price (40,000 for 2017), Alexander Rose Appollo has many useful features. The most important are shutdown during rollover, the presence of a motion sensor, remote control, as well as a built-in energy-saving lamp to illuminate the recreation area.Alexander Rose Appollo

That's all I wanted to tell you about electric street heaters. Now you know what they are better in comparison with gas appliances and how to choose the right electric heater for a cottage!

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