TOP 5 best manufacturers of water heaters

Despite the great achievements of mankind and scientific advancements, in the 21st century you will still not be surprised by the constant lack of hot water. Repair work, prevention, remoteness of the house from the city is far from a complete list of the reasons for such inconvenience. Do you want to forget about this problem forever? The right decision would be to buy a good water tank! In order to choose the perfect option, we offer for review a rating of manufacturers of water heaters, the best in terms of reliability and price.


Low-cost instantaneous water heater with an affordable price and decent quality. In addition, due to its unusual shape, such a boiler is suitable for a small kitchen or bathroom. The Electrolux water heating tank is easy to install, convenient to use at home and will be able to serve you for more than one year! Manufacturers have applied special anti-corrosion spraying to a part of the tank that can border water. It protects the device from damage, oxidation and ingress of harmful substances, which indicates the reliability of the water heater.Electrolux

A small bonus is the smooth temperature control. This small fact will undoubtedly be appreciated by people for whom it is important that the temperature of the water is as comfortable as possible for swimming (this is especially true if the family has small children). All these factors make the Electrolux water heater the best low-cost device, which takes pride of place in our 2017 manufacturers ranking!


Ariston is a popular brand, which also got a place in our current rating of manufacturers of water heaters. The water tanks of this company have a stylish design, a good set of additional functions and an inexpensive price. Ariston is famous for its safety concern. Its tanks are equipped with a protective shutdown mechanism during electrical breakdown, preventing the danger of electric shock. Also, the boiler has a special protective valve that prevents Ariston from breaking under excessive pressure.Ariston

Of the useful functions, I would also like to highlight accelerated heating, thanks to which you do not need to wait for some time until the “new” water becomes the right temperature. Also, the product is very convenient to install, since it has small hooks for the wall.


The manufacturer Termeks appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already managed to become the favorite of many families and get into several world ratings. Choosing a water heater for reliability and price, you can well opt for this brand. From the advantages of this company, a small power can be distinguished with a good heating rate. This means that with all the energy efficiency in the house, you do not have to wait long for the water in the boiler to heat up. Such a water tank not only has a low price, but also helps you save a little on utility bills (compared to other companies).Termex

Termex is easy to install, you do not have to spend money on any additional parts. In addition, it is very easy to use at home, understandable instructions can be mastered even by a person who is far from electrical appliances. In the rating of 2017, we collected only the best manufacturers of water heaters in terms of reliability and price. Termeks can be attributed to them. The only thing I would like to focus on is that the company produces boilers with a rather cheap anti-corrosion coating.


For many people, when choosing household appliances, the word "reliability" is associated with the manufacturer Bosch. And one cannot disagree with this! Stylish design, superior quality and worldwide fame are all about them. If you really want to choose the best electric or gas water heater, we recommend that you pay attention to this company. Numerous positive reviews confirm the fact that this option will definitely not disappoint.Bosh

Features of Bosch boilers are convenient temperature settings, good power and long service life without replacement of parts and repairs. But for excellent quality you have to pay a pretty high price. The cost of the cheapest electric storage water heater per 10 liters is approximately 4,500, while the price of good flow-through devices with a volume of 50 l - 150 l starts at 9,000. In any case, despite the high price, Bosch deserves to be in the ranking of the TOP 5 best water heaters, as the world's leading manufacturer of household appliances. The choice is yours!


A good option, included in our rating of the best electric water heaters in 2017, due to its convenience and small size. AEG boilers are suitable for owners of a small apartment in which there is a need to save space. This reliable device is also easy to use. all buttons are on the front panel. You can easily manage and enjoy a hot bath. It should also be noted that AEG water heating tanks are made of shockproof material, and you can not worry about the safety of the goods during transportation.Aeg

Like most modern models of water heaters, AEG has a corrosion-resistant coating on parts that can get water. Thanks to this layer, the boiler will serve you much longer. As for the minuses of the devices of the manufacturer AEG, then they include a high level of energy consumption and price. This option may not be suitable for owners of houses with old wiring, since a cable with a large cross section will be needed to connect.

We introduced you to the rating of water heater manufacturers, the best in terms of reliability and price. Now you know exactly which device is suitable in each particular case, based on size, efficiency and quality! It remains the case for small, choose from the TOP 5 of the best, a suitable boiler and purchase it in the store.

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