Economical ways to electric garage heating

Garage heating is necessary so that in the winter season it was possible to start a car without problems in the morning. Also, the heating system is used for comfortable repair and maintenance of the machine with your own hands. Next, we will consider the 3 most economical ways of heating a garage with electricity using the example of typical schemes.

First of all, we highlight the types of electric heaters that are most reasonable to use:

  • Infrared heaters. Quite economical and in a short period of time can warm not only the air in the room, but also all objects in the radiation zone.
  • Convectors. Easy to install, consume relatively little electricity and also compact. How choose the right convectorYou can read in the corresponding article.
  • Fan heaters. One of the most popular options, as the fan heater is able to very quickly warm the air in the room. The main disadvantage is that the garage cools quickly when the unit is turned off.

Those heaters that you need to bypass when creating a garage heating circuit with electricity:

  • Oil. It takes too much energy to work and, moreover, the room cools down quickly after the device is turned off. The only advantage is the low price and the ability to collect homemade oil heater.
  • Boiler. Very expensive, in addition, it will be necessary to carry out a pipeline network. It is wiser to use it only if the garage is the place of work (when you will be in it every day). At the same time, the boiler most efficiently warms up the room and consumes less energy.
  • Floor heating system. It can be used only if the heating cable is laid in the walls. It is better not to install it on the floor, as all dirt will evaporate when heated. In addition, a film heat-insulated floor can not be laid if there is a heavy object on top, which in our case is a car. About, how to make a warm floor on the walls, we told in the corresponding article.

To summarize, we can distinguish the following, most economical ways of electric heating of the garage:

Using convectors Using IR heaters

We did not provide a scheme for electric heating of the garage with a fan heater, as the device is plugged in and installed in the most suitable place for you.

Fan heater

Also to your attention are some useful recommendations regarding heating the garage with electricity:

  1. Be sure to check whether the wiring can withstand current loads from electric heaters. To do this, implement calculation of the cable cross section for current and if necessary, replace the wiring with a more suitable one.
  2. Install a circuit breaker in front of the thermostat that protects the cable going to the heating devices from overloads. Otherwise, spontaneous combustion of wires may occur and as a result - short circuit, fire, electric shock.
  3. Make sure that convectors (or other units you choose) do not cause a fire when heated. To do this, place them farther away from flammable objects.
  4. Use an electronic temperature controller, as In this case, it is possible to set a specific heating on / off time. So you can warm up the car before leaving for work (for example, if the convector turns on a couple of hours before leaving).
  5. The power of heaters for heating the garage with electricity should be calculated taking into account 100 W per 1 m2. For example, for the garage project provided in this article (dimensions 6 * 4 m), an aggregate with a capacity of at least 2.4 kW is required.

Finally, we recommend that you look at another economical way of electrically heating a garage:

That is all that I would like to note regarding this issue. We hope that the material was understandable for you, and most importantly - useful. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with garage wiring diagram!

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