3 options for connecting an infrared heater

We recently provided readers with “ElecroExpert»Article about advantages and disadvantages of IR heaters. Their installation is quite simple - you just need to drill to the wall mounts and power the wires coming out of the product body. In order for you to carry out the electrical installation correctly, then we will consider several basic schemes for connecting infrared heaters to the mains.

Appearance of devicesTo begin with, I would like to note that for effective heating control it is necessary to install an individual temperature controller in each room. A typical scheme for connecting an infrared heater through a thermostat is as follows:

Wiring from the machine

To make it easier for you: PE - grounding, L - phase, N - zero. The phase conductor is broken by a circuit breaker. Grounding must go directly from the distribution panel to the heat emitter.

If there are several infrared heaters in the room at once, the connection diagram should look like this:

Connection of two electric heaters

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, the main thing is to observe the color marking of the wires and be sure to disconnect the power line before wiring.

I also wanted to draw your attention to several important points regarding the connection of IR heaters:

  1. The total current load of electric heaters must not exceed the limit value of the temperature controller.
  2. Connect the device from the outlet only if the total current consumption is less than 10A. If this value is greater, power must be supplied by a separate cable from the junction box.
  3. The line must be protected. circuit breaker.
  4. The installation height of the device must be at least 2 meters, otherwise its effect may adversely affect the health and well-being of a person.
  5. It is necessary to place the infrared panel in the center of the ceiling so that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. If there are several heaters, place them evenly relative to the entire ceiling area.
  6. Be sure to implement calculation of the cable cross section for currentif you will lead a separate conductor from the distribution box. When choosing an insufficient diameter of the core, a wiring failure is possible.
  7. Give preference to electronic thermostats, they are more functional and allow using certain modes to save electricity.
  8. If the total power of the heaters is more than 3 kW, it is necessary to add a magnetic starter to the circuit.

Typical scheme for connecting an infrared heater through a starter:

Magnetic starter connection

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  • valery

    Ik heater 800 at. Current 3.5 A thermostat 2.5 A will not burn without
    Magnetic starter? The capacities are different .... Advise.

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    • Admin

      Yes, you need to put a magnetic starter. Otherwise, the thermostat contacts will stick or burn out.

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