The cheapest electric home heating

To begin with, I would like to note that the most effective today is a gas heating system. If for some reason it is not possible to install it (for example, there is no gas main in the country), give preference to electric heaters. Next, we will consider the most economical electric heating systems for a private house and apartment.

Why electric heaters?

You will immediately wonder why classical water or stove heating of rooms is not considered? The answer is simple - this is due to the fact that installation and maintenance work for approximately the same money will be minimized.

Fan heaters

Now we will provide several reasons why it is obvious that the best and most economical heating system for a private house is electric.

  1. Electric power heaters are silent, do not require additional resources (coal, wood, liquid fuel) and also do not pollute the atmosphere. This suggests that in a private house there is no need to have a place in the hut for fuel, to make a chimney, and besides, to annoy soot every year. It is enough to connect the system to the network and enjoy the heat.
  2. Installation of the entire electric heating system does not require huge initial financial contributions. For example, the installation of a water heating main is carried out once. A project is being created, all pipes, radiators, a boiler, and also additional automation are purchased. To do part of the work (for example, in one room), and if you have money, you will not be able to complete the project over time, and if it succeeds, then there will be many problems. It will be necessary to drain the water, crash into the finished line, etc. In the case of electric heaters, everything is much simpler. You can install equipment in each room separately as you make money. At the end of spring, buy convectors for the bedroom, later - for the kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  3. There are many ways today. save on energy consumption. Of course, this option requires considerable costs, but rest assured, over time they will pay for themselves. The most popular is the installation of economicaldouble tariff metersas well as solar panels on the roof of the house.
  4. Boiler connection, a boiler or even a convector can be done with your own hands, significantly saving money on the call of the master.

As you can see, electric heating in a private house really outperforms alternative options, so installing such a system is quite profitable.

To your attention, a video example of creating a cheap and at the same time effective autonomous system:

Homemade, economical battery electric heating system

Heating system options

So, we will consider the existing equipment that will make electric heating in the house economical and cheap.

Boiler use

Photo wall mounted electric boiler
Installation of an electric boiler, which will heat the water in the home heating system, warming the room, is the first, least effective option. Of course, on the Internet you can see a bunch of information that talks about economical boilers that can reduce consumption by up to 80%, but all this is nonsense. The only way to reduce costs is to install temperature controllers and various automation, which will turn on only when the temperature drops in the room, as well as at a certain time of the day. All other talk about new product designs or reduced power is just an advertising move. If you buy a small-capacity boiler, it will take him more time to heat the water to heat the house, so that’s why.

Using IR Panels

Infrared heater

Installation of infrared heaters more reasonable solution and, most likely, the most profitable. The fact is that these products do not heat the air in the room, but certain objects (floor, walls, cabinet), from which heat is transferred in the future. If in the previous version the hot air rises to the ceiling and immediately cools, then in this case the heat is directed to the floor, which is more reasonable (people do not walk on the ceiling).

This diagram shows the effectiveness of an economical heating system of a private house:Compare alternatives

You see everything yourself, so there is nothing more to prove. It should only be noted that infrared devices can work more efficiently if you add temperature controllers to them. One regulator is enough to control three heaters in the economical heating system of a private house. About, how to connect the thermostat to an infrared heater, we told in a separate article.

Using convectors


Many manufacturers argue that an electric convector effectively heats the room and at the same time consumes a small amount of electricity. The question is of course debatable, because, in fact, the principle of operation of the products is similar to the version with radiators (air rises). The advantage of convectors is that their installation and connection are not difficult. In addition, the heating of the heating element is about one minute, which is undoubtedly faster than in the case of water radiators.

Among the other advantages of electroconvectors are:

  • low cost (from 2 to 10 thousand);
  • fire safety (which is especially relevant for installation of heating in a wooden house);
  • you can gradually increase the heating system (one convector for a room is not enough, buy another one and connect it to the network without problems);
  • attractive appearance;
  • trouble-free operation during power surges (in the private sector is also relevant);
  • compact sizes.

Separately, I would like to recommend you to study such a heating option as electric underfloor heating. You can find feedback on this heating system by watching the video:

The use of underfloor heating

We analyzed customer reviews that took advantage of this option and saw that most people were happy with the purchase. The main thing is to additionally install a temperature regulator to make economical electric heating in the house with your own hands.

Installation of underfloor heating

Another modern and effective way of economical heating at home is the use of electric heating mats. They are laid under the floor covering and warm the room through the floor. As a result, warm air rises, completely warming the room. It is better to install the underfloor heating system in combination with an additional source of heating, for example, IR panels.

Speaking about the heating mats themselves, I would like to highlight the products of EKF. You can choose heating mats exactly for your conditions - ready-made kits vary in size and power.EKF thermostats can be controlled by a mechanical or electronic temperature controller, with which it is possible to program on / off programming for a week. In addition, I would like to highlight the full screening of live conductors, due to which there is uniform heating of the floor surface.

Which option is better to bypass?

We talked about cheap and effective systems for economical heating of a private house, but we would also like to note the most costly options that you need to bypass. The top of the ranking is occupied by oil radiators. They are known to everyone because they have high power, so when working in winter you can see a noticeable increase in electricity consumption.

Oil radiator

Not only do these products have high power, but also their heating efficiency is very weak. For example, an infrared panel of the same dimensions and the same power will quickly make a house warm, so it is better to give preference to it.

In addition, an infrared heater is installed on the ceiling or wall, thereby not occupying free space, which cannot be said about electric radiators.

Another not recommended option is fan heaters. These devices not only burn oxygen, but also “chase dust”, and also make noise. The effectiveness of their use is not too great, because between the ceiling and the floor, the temperature may vary by several degrees, despite the fact that the power of the products is high (from 1.5 kW).Photo compact fan heater

How to increase efficiency and reduce costs?

Just buying an economical electric heater and installing it in a country house is only half the battle. Moreover, it is far from a fact that as a result of work you can be convinced of the significant efficiency of the economical heating system made. The reason for this may be poor insulation of the room. All kinds of gaps, gaps in the windows and even the absence of insulation on the walls contributes to the rapid cooling of the room. It has been proven more than once that with high-quality insulation of walls and ceilings, heating efficiency can grow up to 80%, although usually this figure reaches 40%.

Another important nuance is the use of automation. For example, if there is no one at home all day (everyone works), then there is no point in heating the rooms. It would be more correct to install a controller that will turn on the heaters an hour or two before your arrival. This time will be enough to fully heat the premises.

It is also necessary to correctly draft a cost-effective heating system for a private house, selecting the power and installation location of the heaters. Well, the last of the most effective solutions is to install a multi-tariff meter. This device allows you to save electricity at night, during which the heater will work.

To summarize, I would like to note that the cheapest electric heating system is convectors and infrared panels. We hope that the information was useful and interesting for you!

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  • Maria

    Is it possible to use a heat gun to heat an apartment? Or does she "eat" too much electricity?

    To answer
    • Admin

      How do you imagine that? It’s quite reasonable to put a heat gun in the garage for heating, but to have such a heating option in the apartment is something interesting. Firstly, heat guns are bulky and spoil the interior of the room, and even more so the apartment. Well, and secondly, of course, a heat gun is a rather expensive option for heating. It is better to use alternative sources of economical heating, which are indicated in the article!

      To answer
      • Sergei

        Well, for some reason, everyone has their own views.My neighbor opposite (the private sector) in winter had a boiler at a minimum, and was heated by this gun, now he is thinking of putting a solid fuel boiler. Every man to his own taste.

        To answer
        • Admin

          This is another matter. Heat guns consume a lot of electricity, they themselves are not economical.

          To answer
          • ilya

            any convector is about 2 kilowatts! I have a small gun 1.7 kilowatts heats up faster and better! And the question is, what is more economical? 2 kilowatts or a 1.7 gun?

  • Andrey Nikolaevich

    A banal experiment will show that an air convector is more efficient than IR panels of comparable power. An electric radiator for water heating will be even more economical. Now they are already at affordable prices. In Europe, have long been used, only the price tag is biting. Many sites like to display their photos, and write about something parallel. The main element of economical electric heating is the temperature controller. If it is not at all, no tales of Russian manufacturers of any wonderful systems will help you. If you put a mechanical bimetallic temperature controller, already good! Such Chinese junk is full in all stores. If you take an electronic one with a microcontroller and contact relays (Koreans, Germans) you will get a tangible effect. The ideal option is an electronic triac multichannel control module. Some electric radiators are equipped with such gizmos. This is just the pinnacle of saving electricity. The surface of the heater always has the lowest possible temperature, sufficient to maintain the specified parameters t in the room. The triac, under the control of the microcontroller, modulates the required heating power. Not one extra watt. To give a rough example: this is how to compare a car on a carburetor and an electronically controlled injector. The power is the same and the efficiency by a third may vary. Unfortunately, consumers in Russia are bred on “economical” heating without any control at all, or Chinese regulators are sucked in, from which there is almost no saving. The layman is being divorced, and then wonders why he did not get economical heating ...

    To answer
  • Pavel

    I have a house of 60 square meters, you can calculate the cost of energy costs per month if I install 3 infrared heaters of medium size and one small size.

    To answer
    • Admin

      What is there to consider? Need the exact power of the heaters. According to it, you can understand how much energy is consumed during heating. Monthly consumption is multiplied by the cost of 1 kilowatt and get energy costs.

      To answer
  • Ruslan

    I just can’t understand, scientists ay, where you are, flying into the moon landed in space, getting ready for a flight to Mars, come up with something super-efficient heating, for example, so that 1 kW consumption equals 10 kW of power (roughly) the technology is far gone before, I don’t take into account induction or gas, but to ensure that the alternative is at least gas, I think by heating with gas and expensive electricity on Mars, and even more so in space, there’s nothing to do, scientists look at ordinary earthly people. I don’t offer nuclear fuel) ... something like this….

    To answer
    • Vadim

      Well, firstly it is (heat pumps). You see, what you say violates the laws of physics (for electric heating elements and so on, the efficiency is> 95%). The only way to achieve this is to take energy from somewhere outside. Is it a heat pump (the same air conditioner - an air-to-air heat pump) that pumps heat from the outside into the room, maximum efficiency (currently for heating) somewhere around 5 kW of heat per 1 kW of electricity, at a price of $ 500 per pump (declared the life of 8-10 years), but so far it will pay for itself already and will have to be changed. Just keep in mind that the coefficient that is indicated for air conditioners, it is usually measured at a temperature of +7, at a lower temperature the efficiency can be noticeably less.Or suppose the solar collector (In winter, the truth works very poorly, mainly in spring and autumn). Commercial road collectors, but homemade air is the real thing. The real way to reduce heating costs is thermal insulation (2-3 times or more can be reduced). And space ... there is a vacuum in space, there contact heat is not lost at all, only InfraRed radiation - enough IR reflectors.

      To answer
  • Andrew

    Ruslan, but you can also do combined heating. For example, gas and electricity along with another species. The same alternative energy sources are. There, in all countries of the world developed solar or wind power generation is used. And here we are just starting, no one really knows how to do this. My neighbor installed a solar heating collector for heating the garage. There used to be a gas burner, so it's dangerous. God forbid it goes out and that's it - kaput. And now it’s not dangerous anymore 🙂 But my neighbor is advanced, and how many people don’t even know about this possibility?

    To answer
  • Roma Lebedev

    It’s like the story I had with the garage, if I knew this Andrey 😀 And yes, my burner went out at night in the garage and that’s all ... And the gas was on. Fig knows what a miracle it all worked out, but from that moment I began to look for an alternative to this. At one time I used an electric heater, but a couple of times the voltage jumped ... We generally have wiring and the line is old and decrepit already. And then he put in the solar collector. So far, it really works perfectly - you do not need to monitor, nothing burns out, does not go out and is safe for life. Another question is that it works at full power only if the sun is shining, but then if I need to do something in the garage and need to be warm again, I just turn on the heater while it is under supervision, then everything is ok))

    To answer
  • Igor

    In my country house there are electric batteries with temperature regulators to maintain mines. temperatures up to +15, heated floors in rooms under linoleum and a wood-burning boiler "Professor Budakov" (heating area 250m3). After igniting the boiler and switching it to smoldering mode, it gives heat for another 6 hours on one firebox. With ours - 40 in the house + 28-30 and one firebox per day. Email the batteries themselves are turned off by the regulator.

    To answer
    • Alexander

      the piece of iron "professor Budakov" cannot produce heat for 6 hours! complete nonsense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      To answer
  • Igor

    There are infrared burners with extinction protection. Simple gas infrared burners must be visually checked.

    To answer
  • Eugene

    Do you think guys Infrared heaters do not affect the human body or is it better to look for an alternative method? First, insulate the house, and then pick up a heating system.

    To answer
  • Nikolay

    I bought heaters for a country house from TEXTURE. I want to note that these are actually the only quartz heaters whose quality is as claimed. I previously bought 1 heater from their competitors, due to the presence of a metal frame, large cracks formed and there were current leaks on the frame, and it looked so that it’s a shame to even hang in a barn, hung it in a garage away from trouble. Textures have a very large selection, at first I also bought 1 sample from them, I felt the difference with 1 from my experience within a few hours. The Texture Heater, in the first place, warmed much better, cooled for more than 2 hours, and suited the design of my house, and most importantly, there was no metal frame, and by the way, the consultants in this company were the most sane) I understood everything, he warmed the house with heaters, set 16 pieces. I agree with the statement that Textures today are the best quartz heaters on the market!

    To answer
  • Andrew

    I agree, TEXTURE quartz heaters are the best for today, I took a couple of pieces to my cottage 5 in my apartment.They warm very well, hot and cool after turning off for more than 2 hours, the cottage has become warm and comfortable. They also have special developments for agriculture - greenhouses and heating animals, as well as industrial and domestic premises, none of the manufacturers have found similar.

    To answer
    • Alexander

      if not a secret, what is the power of these heaters?

      To answer
      • Connoisseur

        0.4 sq / h, I compared it with my convection, there is practically no difference in consumption.

        To answer
  • Igor

    I'm afraid of heaters ...

    To answer
  • Basil

    Tell me please
    Tomorrow ballu bsli-09hn1 / ee / eu will be brought to the cottage, there are two small rooms, but the bedroom is warm and enough, there are not enough squares
    The fact is that it is written that it will warm up to minus ten, and if the temperature outside is lower? What then ? It is impossible to operate ??? Need to turn off ??? I hope to warm them in the winter,
    Winters are certainly not severe in our south, but still ((((

    To answer

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