How to make lighting in the house?

Any novice electrician can conduct the light in the house with his own hands, the main thing is to create the lighting scheme correctly, choose the appropriate cable section and, of course, the most optimal types of lamps for each room. Next, we will examine in detail with you the whole essence of electrical work and visual video instructions in which each of the stages will be demonstrated.

Preparatory work

So, the first thing you should do is to choose the right fixtures for all rooms yourself. It all depends on your preferences, but we recommend using the following product options:

  • bedroom - near the sconce bed, on the ceiling of a chandelier or LED strip;
  • bathroom - a lamp near the mirror and spotlights on the ceiling or a waterproof cover;
  • corridor - ceiling spotlights;
  • living room - floor lamps and a chandelier;
  • kitchen - directional lamps, spotlights or LED strip.

You also need to decide on the bulbs what they should be. Today, incandescent and halogen lamps are a thing of the past, giving way to a more economical and reliable option for lighting in the house - LED lamps.Modern light sources

When you have already decided on the types of fixtures and types of bulbs, you can proceed to the equally important stage - settlement work. To conduct light in the house, you need to calculate the number of bulbs in relation to each room. For example, for a small bathroom, four spotlights will be enough, which can not be said about the spacious kitchen.

So, you should find two values:

  1. Estimated lighting power. It is defined as the area of ​​the room (Sroom), multiplied by the specific power of the fixtures (Pud.) And the demand coefficient (Ks). With regard to the area of ​​questions should not arise, but as for the remaining parameters, then for residential premises is 16 watts, and Ks is 1. We substitute, calculate, and move on.Lighting calculation, formula
  2. The number of lamps. Here everything is quite simple and the only unknown in the formula is Pn, which indicates the power of one lamp. We select light sources that are suitable for power and substitute the characteristic Pn. into the formula.The formula for calculating the lighting in the apartment

After the number of bulbs is calculated, you need to proceed to the final stage - the creation of an electrical circuit for lighting in the house.Wiring diagram in the house 220 V

By the way, as for the cable with which you are going to conduct light in the house, it is best to choose a three-core copper conductor with a cross-section of at least 1.5 mm2, which will be enough for home. The most suitable price-quality ratio for a domestic cable VVGwhich is used most often.

The last thing to do is draw yourself home lighting schemeon which the following elements will be marked:

  • types of fixtures in all rooms (for example, a chandelier and sconce can be installed in the bedroom, and only LED lighting in the kitchen);
  • cable route along the walls;
  • junction box installation location;
  • connection points for circuit breakers.

Placement of lamps in the rooms

When the project is created, you can buy all the components and conduct the light in the house with your own hands.

Video review of a new country house with modern lighting:

Cozy cottage

Main process

Technology will be provided from scratch, that is, when the room will be fully implemented electrical wiring.

So, to make the light in the house with your own hands, you need:

  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Make the strobes in the walls for laying the cable, according to the scheme.
  3. Cut the cable into suitable lengths (from the entry plate to the junction box, from the box to the chandelier, sconce, etc.).
  4. Draw a lighting line starting from the entry plate. Connect the wires in the junction boxes WAGO terminals or soldering, there should not be any twists.
  5. Connect the switches and lights in the rooms.
  6. Ring the finished line with a multimeter for a short circuit.
  7. If everything is in order, cover the strobes with gypsum mortar. Otherwise, you need to find a short circuit and redo the problem area, possibly in one of the mounting boxes bare wires are touching.
  8. Turn on the introductory machine and check the operability of the finished lighting system in the house.

Here's how you can easily conduct light in the house yourself without much effort. The main thing you should remember is to observe color marking wires when they are connected and be sure to break to the light switch, lead the phase conductor, and not the zero.

Video wiring instructions

Useful Tips

And finally, we recommend that you consider the following tips in order to properly conduct light in a private house with your own hands:

  • The cable must be copper, because aluminum conductors are more fragile and do not withstand current loads.
  • It is better to carry out not one lighting group, but several. For example, the first line will be responsible for the light in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway, and the second in the bedroom and living room. Such a grouping will allow maintenance and repair of lamps, so that there is no need to turn off the lights throughout the house.
  • In rooms such as a bedroom and a living room set dimmerwith which you can adjust the intensity of the light, making a bright or dim light.Light off dimmer
  • Installation of wiring should be carried out in a hidden way, which is undoubtedly safer and will not spoil the beauty of the interior.Hidden wiring in concrete wall
  • Try to make the lighting unusual by combining practical and decorative features. A good example of such an idea is hidden floor lightingshown in the photo below.Floor lighting too bright
  • Be sure to create a designation for each of the wire groups in the junction box, for example: a light in the hall, a chandelier in the kitchen or an LED strip on the upper level of the ceiling. This will make it easier to repair and maintain electrical wiring.Signed Wire Groups

This was all, the most useful in our opinion information in order to make the light in the house with your own hands.

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