Modern home lighting scheme

So, you decided to connect the light in the house. The first thing that needs to be done is to draw a design diagram on which the installation locations of the fixtures should be marked, as well as the route for wiring along the walls. Usually the connection of light is passed into the hands of specialists, but this does not mean that it cannot be carried out independently. So, for readers "ElecroExpert»Below we provide modern home lighting schemes.

First, you need to clarify several important nuances regarding home lighting:

  • For example, the color of the phase conductor (brown) is indicated correctly, but this is not the only option for painting the insulation. You can find out about other options in the article: wire color marking.
  • An electrical panel is installed in the hallway. To make the project visually understandable, we did not lead each group of wires directly to the shield, although in reality it should be so. Installation of electrical wiring is recommended to be carried out along the wall under the ceiling (20 cm lower).
  • Again, in order to simplify the circuit as much as possible, we removed the ground loop, but it should be carried out by analogy with the neutral conductor. Most modern fixtures have a grounding contact, which must be connected.
  • The way of laying the cable is hidden, although an external option can be used in a wooden house.
  • It is necessary to branch the cable to the switch (phase) and to the lamp itself (zero, ground) through a junction box installed in a special gate. Each room of a residential building needs its own electrical distribution box.
  • Contact bonding must be done with wago terminals. The wire connection method most efficient and easiest.
  • The bathroom has a waterproof cover and designer bathroom light. In the kitchen and hallway, spotlights were installed. In the bedroom, a five-arm chandelier and hidden illumination with a 12-volt LED strip are connected. The hall is lit by a five-arm chandelier, which is controlled by a single-key switch.
  • The LED strip is controlled from the remote control.

So, to your attention, the lighting scheme in a private house:Lighting scheme in the house

For example, we also provide you with a smart home lighting scheme:

Smart light

Well, the last example that you might find useful is the ground floor lighting project:


We draw your attention to the fact that the provided project is just an example. For your own housing, you can use any lamps and fixtures to your liking. We hope this article helped you choose the optimal lighting scheme for your home.

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    Another very important element of home lighting is emergency battery lighting in the event of a power outage.Now there are not expensive LED rechargeable lamps, they automatically turn on and can shine for 20 hours without recharging. A very necessary thing for lighting corridors and stairs.

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