4 main criteria for choosing an electric boiler

Choosing an electric boiler is not difficult. You just need to know how to choose the power of the equipment, the type of heating element and, what is equally important, a reliable company. Next, we will consider all the main nuances, so that you know how to choose an electric boiler for heating a house, cottage or even an apartment. Which electric boiler is better, determine only you yourself, based on the data provided and the distinctive features of the types of heaters being compared.

Heater power

The first and most important selection criterion is the power of the equipment. This parameter is determined depending on the area of ​​a private house or apartment. Typically, the calculations use the following formula:

W = (40 * Vroom + Qwindow + Qdv) * k,


  • W is the rated power of the electric boiler;
  • 40 - the average value of the required equipment power per 1 m3 premises, W;
  • V space - the total amount of heated space (all rooms in the house or apartment), calculated as the total area of ​​housing multiplied by the height of the ceilings;
  • Q window - heat loss on the windows (100 W each);
  • Qdv - heat loss on the door (200 W each);
  • k is the region’s location coefficient (the southern strip is 0.7–0.9; the European and central parts are 1.2–1.4; the northern and eastern are 1.8–2).

This formula is suitable if you need to choose an electric boiler for power for heating an apartment. As for a private house or a summer residence, then in the calculations you need to multiply the final value by 1.5. An additional factor takes into account heat loss through the ceiling and floor.

Type of heating element

The second, no less important criterion for choosing an electric boiler is according to the method of heating water for heating. Today there are TENOV, induction and electrode boilers.

The former are most often found in shop windows. They can be both floor and wall (mounted). Equipment with a heating element inside is the cheapest and can be used both in private houses and in apartments with a voltage of 220v or 380v. The disadvantage of this type of electric boiler is the formation of scale on tubular heaters. In addition, the power of one electric boiler may not be enough for a two-story house, and installing several heaters is not always possible because of their size.Wall-mounted apparatus for heating an apartment

In this regard, the choice of induction boiler is a more reasonable solution. Due to their small dimensions (seen in the photo below), such heaters can be connected to one heating system, which will increase its power to the required value. The only obstacle is the higher price of the equipment. An induction electric boiler can be selected for heating a cottage of an impressive area. A very important advantage of induction devices is that they are the most economical, which is especially important when heating installation in spacious houses.System of induction electric boilers

Well, the last type of heater is electrode.Such devices are considered the safest, but at the same time the most fastidious to the coolant - water. At the cost of the particular difference you can not feel, but still most often the choice of an electric boiler with an ionic heating method is carried out for private homes and summer cottages.Electrode heating photo

Video instruction on how to choose an electric boiler and which is better for the main indicators:

Review from a specialist

Top companies

Much will depend on the correct choice of the brand of the device - the durability of the heating system, the quality of work, safety and, of course, the cost of the electric boiler. Now we will tell you which electric boiler company is best to choose in 2017 so as not to overpay and be calm for the purchase.Vaillant

To date, Bosch, Vaillant and Dakon are considered the best boiler manufacturers. Kospel and Protherm equipment are a little cheaper, but still of good quality. The domestic leader in the production of wall-mounted electric boilers is RusNit, which specializes in the production of both domestic and industrial models.

From my own experience I would like to say that 4 years ago I was advised to choose a dual-circuit electric boiler from Protherm. During this time, the device never failed and at the same time it was one of the cheapest in the store for the price, therefore my review - “Proterm” is the best manufacturer of household heating units.

Additional features

If you decide to choose a good electric boiler for heating a private house or apartment, then pay attention to the presence of several very important functions:

  1. The presence of a multifunctional control system, which is clearly displayed on the display. Your unit must be equipped with temperature and pressure sensors, as well as the ability to continuously adjust the temperature of the water. If the pressure in the system drops, you can notice it in a timely manner and correct the situation as soon as possible.
  2. Possibility of automatic power selection for heating operation. To save energy, the boiler will be able to independently change the heating power during operation.
  3. The possibility of using an electric boiler for hot water supply at home. Most modern models of technology can be used not only as heating equipment, but also as a boiler. Very convenient, but the energy consumption, as you know, is increasing.
Consideration of the main types of devices

Here, according to these parameters, an independent choice of electric boilers is carried out. We hope that now you know how to choose the right electric boiler for heating your home, apartment or summer cottage, and just as importantly, which companies are better to give preference in 2017!

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