Choosing a high-quality storage boiler

In this article we will tell readers home master encyclopedias on how to choose an electric storage water heater. The advantage of the models operating from the network is that they can maintain the temperature of heated water in an economical mode, moreover, they do not consume much electricity and are connected to a conventional outlet. With all this, the cost of electric boilers for home use does not exceed 20 thousand (the average price is about 10-12 thousand). Next, we will provide the most important tips for choosing a storage water heater for your home, apartment and cottage.

Criterias of choice

Volume of the tank

The first thing to decide is how much electric boiler to choose. It depends on how many people are in the family and what the water heater will be used for. First, let's talk about the purpose of the water tank.

If you need to choose a device for the apartment so that hot water is available when the heating season is over, first of all, focus on the free space in the room (kitchen or bathroom). If space permits, for swimming you need to pick up a boiler with a volume of at least 80 liters, if a bath is installed and 60 liters for a shower. Again, it is still related to the number of people who need an electric water heater, but more on that below. If the choice of the storage tank is done for washing dishes, you can choose a model for 10 or 15 liters, which will be enough.

Varieties of tanks

As for the number of people living in an apartment or a house, everything here is also ambiguous and depends on several factors. For example, you can even choose a 60-liter electric boiler for a family of 4, but in this case you will have to wait until the water heats up after each person bathes. In addition, a very important selection criterion is the place of bathing - shower or bath. It is clear that using a shower is much more economical; you can spend about 15-20 liters of hot water, while a bathroom will take at least 50 liters per person. Based on these nuances, you should choose a suitable storage water heater. As for the average indicators, we recommend focusing on the following numbers:

  • it is enough for one person to pick up a tank with a volume of not more than 50 liters;
  • for a family of two or three, select a device for 80 liters;
  • if there are 4 or more residents in the family, the volume of the accumulative electric boiler must be selected at least 120 liters.

To let you know, there are water heaters up to 300 liters, but the price of such models is quite high. The most popular value is considered to be a 100-liter tank, which they buy both for a private house and for a summer residence.


The next criterion for choosing a boiler is the power of the heating element. In 2017, this characteristic can take values ​​from 1 to 6 kW, while connecting storage water heater can be carried out to a single-phase or three-phase network.To correctly choose the power of an electric water heater, you first need to focus on the wiring in the house. If the wiring is new and able to withstand a load of 6 kW, then the power is selected only on the basis of needs (the more powerful the heating elements are, the faster the water is heated, but the energy consumption is greater). If the wiring in the house or apartment is old, the maximum you can count on is a 2.5 kW model.

We draw your attention to the fact that the most optimal value is a power of 2 kW. In this case, the water will warm up for about 3 hours to a maximum temperature, which is not so long.

Inner coating

Everything is simple here - cheap water heaters are available with glass-ceramic or enamel coating. More expensive electric water heaters use stainless steel or titanium spraying. Decide which version of the boiler is best for you to decide, however, consider the following features:

  1. The warranty period for stainless steel storage tanks is higher.
  2. There are negative reviews on thematic forums, they say, stainless steel negatively affects the taste and smell of heated water, but this issue is very controversial.
  3. There is a weld seam on steel tanks that can leak over time. The question is also controversial, because the warranty period for such models is longer.

Nevertheless, all modern storage water heaters are made of steel, so we recommend that you choose this option for a house, apartment or cottage! By the way, you can determine the quality of the boiler by weight - the heavier the tank, the thicker its walls, and accordingly, better corrosion resistance.

Extra options

Also, as a separate paragraph, I would like to highlight some useful tips on choosing a high-quality electric water heater:

  • Storage water heaters can be with wet or dry heating elements. The advantage of the latter option is that contact with water is prevented (and therefore scale formation), the risk of electric shock is reduced (the heater is in a sealed bulb).
  • Pay attention to the insulation layer of the tank. The thicker it is, the longer the boiler will retain heat. If you want to wisely choose a high-quality electric water heater for home use, consider models with an insulation thickness of at least 35 mm. As for the thermal insulation itself, it is better that it be represented by foamed polyurethane, which is an order of magnitude superior to foam.
  • When choosing a device, be aware that it must have a magnesium anode, an accelerated heating function, an on indicator, and most importantly, protection against overheating. Also, modern models can be equipped with a mode of preventing freezing, which will be a good addition when buying an electric storage water heater for summer cottages.
  • There is a special IP degree of protection, which displays how much the appliance is protected against moisture and dust. So the water heater should have an IP index of at least 23. For a bath and a bath, it is better to choose a model with a degree of protection IP44.

By the way, did you know that a boiler can even be used for heating? We talked a bit about this issue in our article - how to make cheap heating in a wooden house.

We also recommend watching a video on the topic:

The opinion of experts

These are all the tips on how to choose an electric storage water heater. As you can see, the criteria for selecting a boiler are not very many, so it will not be difficult to determine the right model. We recommend that you read below the rating of the best models for home, apartment and cottage.

The best models

So, in price and quality in 2017, the following 5 electric boilers with a volume of 80 liters can be distinguished (the most suitable characteristic for a family):

  • Polaris Stream IDF 80V / H Slim
  • Timberk SWH RS1 80 V
  • Oasis VC-80L
  • Gorenje OTG 80 SL B6
  • Thermex Sprint 80 SPR-V

If you need a boiler with a volume of 100 liters, we recommend choosing one of the following models:

  • Polaris P-100Vr
  • Garanterm GTI 100-V
  • Polaris Vega IMF 100V
  • Oasis VC-100L
  • Gorenje OTG 100 SLSIMB6 / SLSIMBB6

Of the 50 liter models, the best electric storage water heaters are:

  • Timberk SWH RS7 50V
  • Polaris Gamma IMF 50V
  • Electrolux EWH 50 Royal Silver
  • Haier ES50V-R1 (H)
  • Hyundai H-DRS-50V-UI310

For one person it will be quite enough to choose a storage water heater with a volume of 30 liters. TOP 5 best models are presented below:

  • Polaris FDRS-30V
  • Garanterm GTI 30-V
  • Ariston ABS SHAPE 30 OR
  • Oasis VC-30L
  • Timberk SWH FSM5 30 V

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to choose an electric storage water heater in terms of power, volume and company. Now you know all the main selection criteria, as well as which boilers are the best in 2017!

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