Questions on difavtomatov and cable cross-section

Good afternoon! Please tell me the following situation, they came to the stage of assembling the shield in the house, my workers provided a diagram of how and what they plan to connect, but I have some doubts. Initially, the wires are threaded 3x1.5 to the light and 3x2.5 to the sockets, cable vvg ng ls Concord.

Builders recommend ordinary C10 machines (abb sh201l) to light, and C16A diffusers (ABB DSH941R-AC) for diffusers, and they are grouped by room type, such as one diff, and in some even two groups are divided, for example, the TV zone a separate group and sockets the rest in the room separately, also separately to the corridor, separately to bathrooms, etc. And there are wires directly to consumers, but what kind of machines do they need:

  1. Oven 3,7 kW - ??? - whether the usual socket 16A is suitable, the spirit of the cabinet is like an ordinary euro plug. But I also have a wire output to the 4x6 var panel in my opinion, it's just that we have a gas cooktop in it, so you can use this wire.
  2. Dishwasher 2.4 kW Builders recommend a regular machine for 16A.
  3. Washer 2.2-2.4 kW Builders recommend a conventional machine at 20A.
  4. 400 W refrigerator. Builders recommend a regular 16A machine.
  5. Air conditioning 2 kW Builders recommend a conventional 16A machine.
  6. Air conditioning 1 kW Builders recommend a regular machine at 20A.

Do they propose to do it right, is there a need for diffs for this technique? Thanks in advance. In general, I would be grateful if you help to figure it out!


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    As for the oven, if you connect it from the outlet, the current load will be quite large, right up to the characteristics of the outlet itself and the wiring as a whole. It is better to certainly feed the oven from a separate line, if there is still an opportunity. I advise you to put a diafvtomat or automatic machine + RCD on the washer. The ratings of the machines are chosen correctly, only for a 1-kilowatt air conditioner and washer it is possible to take a slightly lower value, it is not clear why they chose such a large one.

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