Will the aluminum wiring withstand the electric oven (3.1 kW)?

Good I want to connect an electric oven, there is a euro plug from the oven, max power is 3.1 kW. Standard plug 3 * 1.5 - copper. I want to connect to a regular network in an outlet. Aluminum wiring 2.5, automatic 16-amp Legrand, a refrigerator hangs along the same line. Question wiring stand? Will the machine not cut down? RCD is not.



  • Admin

    Hello! So, in order. One and a half square copper (oven power cord) can withstand 3.3 kW of power, almost back to back. I would change the cord to 3 * 2.5 mm.sq., also copper. Well, or to use it, but check if it is heating up. Aluminum wiring with a cross section of 2.5 mm.kv. capable of withstanding power up to 3.5 kW. Also end-to-end, especially if you take into account that the refrigerator will be on the same line with the connected electric oven. In this case, it would be better to think about where you can reconnect the refrigerator to reduce the load. The automatic machine on 16A will withstand a load of 3.5 kW, also a little bit, but if only the electric oven will work, it should not knock out.

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  • Andrew

    There is nothing to add. Do not forget about inrush currents when starting the motor compressor in the refrigerator

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