Is it convenient to work with a round cable VVGng (A) -ls?

Alexander asks:
Good day. There was an opportunity to buy a cable for electrical wiring in the apartment VVGNG (A) ls 3 * 2.5 round, manufacturer "Concord" Gost. slightly cheaper than the price, with short cuts from 10 to 20 meters. Is it convenient to work with it and what are the differences from flat (PNG)? Cross section checked, normal. Thank you for the attention. I do for myself.
The answer to the question:
Have you gathered with him every day until the end of your life to work or to put and forget 1 time? If the second - then you will not feel the difference. If you regularly work with him, then, to be honest, there’s no difference either. The case of a couple of cut ends, then the hand itself will get used to it.

P.S. Does it have an inter-gap with filling or round insulation in the form of hoses? If the first - cutting will be a little more complicated, if the second - it does not matter at all. In general, if “a little cheaper than the price” for CUTS, I personally would buy a new one.


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