A machine gun with a pop in one of the rooms was knocked out, but found no malfunctions

Vyacheslav asks:

Guys, please help me resolve the issue. They heard cotton in the next room, as if a small balloon had burst. Having examined the room, I did not find anything. I turned on the light, checked the sockets, everything works. In the morning, being already in this room, the cotton repeated. But there was already a slight smell of the prisoner and the light was cut off. There is a power outlet in the room, a night light and a power strip are connected to it. I connected the clock to a power outlet in another room, everything works fine. I disassembled the socket, everything is fine. I didn’t find anything singed. I turned on the machine and everything works well. It’s not clear to me. It would be a circuit, automatic machines would be cut down constantly. The clock works, sockets too. What is it?

The answer to the question:
Hello! No matter how funny your story sounds, however, it is strange and dangerous. Does the watch not stink? And you did not write about the surge protector, with it that there are no burning smells from it? I recommend checking the switches and lamps (not only the lamps themselves, but also the condition of the cartridges and wiring in them. And the best option would be to call an electrician so that he rings the wiring and measures the insulation resistance with a megohmmeter. And yet, I want to ask, what about the chargers , which nowadays in every house stick out literally from every outlet.

If you didn’t find any problems on the spot, then making it even harder on the Internet. Good luck and be careful, do not time with the search for an electrician.


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