Assembly diagram of an electrical panel with an RCD and an input automatic 32A

Dmitry asks:
Hello! I change the wiring at home, put together a budget set of machines and drew 2 connection diagrams! Please tell me which is better and whether there will be no false positives ouzo !? Three rooms, wiring 60m section 2.5mm; 30m 1.5mm vs 10m 4.0mm

I will be grateful, here are the drawings:

Shield assembly diagram

The answer to the question:
Hello! Only one scheme, where is the second? If in the circuit 25A is on the electric stove, and 16 on - on the outlet groups, then good. 10A to the light - this is more than enough, you can even 6, depending on what you have with the lighting, which lamps and how many of them.

4 mm² wire per plate? You wrote the length - it’s fine, but you would write the destination, I believe that you decided to choose “in the classics” 2.5 - sockets, 1.5 - light? According to the current regulatory documents, 6 mm² of copper is required per plate.

Unfortunately, false alarms can occur if the line is long. And they may not be. I dont know. If you want to avoid this, break up into a couple of groups and put more RCDs.


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