Wiring diagram for heating cable of underfloor heating

The heating cable is used for laying underfloor heating under the tile, as well as for electric heating water pipes. Despite the fact that the installation process itself is time-consuming, the connection is not difficult. Now we will consider a typical scheme for connecting a heating cable to a thermostat and a network.

So, first you need to prepare an indicator screwdriver, which will determine the phase and zero (if not provided wire color marking from the network). It also does not hurt to purchase colored cambrics, which can be used to identify groups of contacts (to the sensor, to the regulator, to the cable).

The appearance of the heating system

Next, the thermostat is installed on the wall, after which all wiring elements are connected to it.

The connection diagram of the heating cable to the thermostat and the 220 Volt network is as follows:

Wiring diagram for electric underfloor heating


  • There is no contact under the grounding wire in the temperature controller; it must be set up separately from the main shield. The input ground connects to the ground of the heating cable with terminal block wago.Thermostat circuit
  • The polarity of the contacts of the temperature sensor is not respected by the manufacturer, you need to install it yourself (using the same cambrics).temperature sensor
  • The input phase and zero must be connected through the protective circuit breaker and RCD.

You can see the whole connection process in the video below:

How to connect a heating conductor to the mains

That's the whole scheme of connecting an electric floor heating to a thermostat and network. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, most importantly, do not forget to turn off the electricity before installation!

How to connect a heating conductor to the mains

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