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Readers today site ElecroExpert I would like to talk about how to choose lamps for the bathroom. The relevance of the issue is due to the fact that certain requirements are imposed on the lighting of the bathroom regarding safety, brightness and design. Next, we will consider in detail all the important nuances and provide our own recommendations on which lamps are best suited for these conditions of use.

Primary requirements

Regarding safety

Since the bathroom has high humidity, all the elements electrical wiring, including lighting, must be safe for operation. Based on this, the fixtures must have a sealed enclosure of a closed type, which will prevent moisture from entering the contacts (an example is shown in the photo). In addition, it is necessary to install products at a safe distance from water - at least half a meter according to GOST. It is better, of course, to move them as far away as possible in order to preserve yourself for sure. We will talk more about safety related aspects regarding moisture when we look at the classification of products by the IP index.

Waterproof housing

Regarding brightness

Another important requirement - the illumination of the room must be comfortable to be in it. This is due to the fact that in the bathroom girls usually put on masks, and men shave, except for the bathing process itself. Required sources of light must have high brightness, which depends on the power of the product.

Functional room lighting

Recommended lamp power (W / m2):

  • incandescent lamp (20-30);
  • halogen lamp (23-28);
  • LED lamp (6-9).

Note that the values ​​have a small range. The first value is recommended if the wall decoration in the room is light. For a dark bath, use the highest recommended lamp power.

Regarding design

Well, the last of the requirements is for design. So that the interior of the room is not spoiled by cheap plastic shades, you must choose the right product design. Today, there are many beautiful fixtures of various manufacturing materials, shapes, colors and installation methods. You need to give preference to those that will be in harmony with the interior and at the same time not violate the safety recommendations. Beautifully complement the interior as antique lamps (retro), and modern minimalist lamps with nickel coating.

It should be noted right away that it is better to give preference to plastic and glass products. Metal (for example, under bronze) at high humidity will begin to succumb to corrosion, which will negatively appear on their service life and appearance.

Contemporary chandelier

IP degree

Special attention should be paid to the IP degree, which is responsible for protecting products from moisture and dust (in our case, the first element is of interest).

To your attention decryption IP degree of protection:

IP degree of protection

Lamps for the bathroom should have a degree of no lower than 44 (for the 2nd and 3rd zones, which are shown in the picture), but it is better to choose products with a degree of IP55. Ceiling lighting must have an IP65 index (good splash protection).

Room Zoning


To answer the question: "Which lamp is better to choose and buy for the bathroom?", You must first deal with their variety. Today, ceiling, wall and floor objects are used, we will consider each of them.

Lighting Examples


The bathroom fixtures on the ceiling are responsible for the main lighting. Most often, ceiling mounted waterproof shades and spot products are used. The advantage of the former is its low price and high enough brightness. In addition, the plafonds are practical in care, so replacing the light bulb on the wall is not difficult.

Installation of spotlights is more modern, and most importantly - a safe option. LEDs consume very little power and also practically do not stand out on the ceiling. They are often used for zonal bathroom lighting. For example, one LED lamp is installed above the bathtub, and the second above the mirror. The control is carried out by a two-gang switch. In this case, you can include only the necessary part of the room, if its size is large.

We also draw your attention to the fact that in most of the modern furniture and accessories for the bathroom, the manufacturer already provides spotlights located in suitable places (for example, in a shelf above a mirror).

Wall mounted

You can give the room maximum light with the help of wall-mounted waterproof lamps. Most often exercise installation of sconces and shades, although in some cases even a candelabrum is used (if the interior is appropriate). The advantage of wall-mounted products is that their connection is much simpler (some devices on the cord simply plug into a wall outlet). It should also be noted that this type of fixtures is much easier to maintain, because installation height is not more than 1.5 meters.

The main purpose of wall lamps is the zoning of the room, as well as mirror light. Therefore, in a small room it makes no sense to install them. It is recommended to choose products with a bath area of ​​at least 6 m2.


This type of lighting may also be present, but is rarely used. This is due to the fact that the products occupy a certain volume in the room, which, as a rule, is not enough. The most popular representatives are floor lamps, but they must be placed as far as possible from the water.

Floor lamp

Which are better?

If you do not know how to choose the right fixtures for the bathroom, then we will provide you with personal recommendations:

  1. The degree of protection should be IP55 or more.
  2. Use spotlights for ceiling lighting (energy saving, attractive appearance, long life).
  3. If for some reason it is not possible to use spot products, give preference to directional ceiling lamps. They will allow you to illuminate a specific object, for example, the area near the mirror.
  4. If possible, get 12-volt lamps, as they are safe for humans. The only negative in this case is the mandatory purchase of a step-down transformer. You can also choose wireless battery-powered luminaires, which, like the 12-volt version, are not dangerous when leakage current.
  5. Give preference to products from popular companies. Cheap Chinese products will fail faster and also have a low level of security (poor tightness, poor quality wire connection etc.)
The best models of waterproof luminaires

That's all I wanted to tell about how to choose lamps for the bathroom and what they are today.

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