Is it worth it to install a stabilizer on the whole house if the voltage is low?

Alexander asks:
Cottage in Lo. 63A automatic machines are installed on the pole, a 50A automatic machine is installed in front of the house entrance, then a stabilizer for 10,000 kva is installed (Energy)
consumers in the house: pump, two televisions, boiler, dishwasher, washing machine, sauna (4.5 kW). Everything turns on at the same time, with the exception of the sauna, naturally, but recently it has become impossible to use, because one of the neighbors is heated by electricity, the voltage drops to 160 and the stabilizer turns off (it is possible that it is already physically worn out in 2014 and does not hold the declared power). It was decided to purchase a stabilizer for 20,000 kVA - is it the right decision and will it hold the load?
The answer to the question:
The stabilizer can drain the network even more. And not 20,000 kVA, but 20 kVA (20 megawatts, why do you need it?) Well, back to the question, why do you need such a powerful stabilizer?

The boiler can work fine and at a reduced level - it will just be worse to heat, the dishwasher and washing machine may give errors or not start - they need a stabilizer, like a refrigerator. The sauna is also better directly (if there is no sophisticated electronics on heating control). Then you will reduce the load on the stabilizer and the network will not sink so much.

The fact is that the current stabilizer from the network will take more than give out to the load, i.e. You may begin to knock out the introductory machine at full load. And the culture of using electricity should be corrected - why include all this at the same time, if possible in turn? Hence the drawdowns are so terrible for everyone. And how do you heat up? The fact that the neighbors load the network with a boiler of 10 or more kilowatts cannot be a determining factor in the drawdowns in the electricity network. Contact the power supply and network company with a complaint about a low voltage, maybe there is not a network but a problem in the supply transformer ...

And your stabilizer is switched off not because of wear, but because it has maximum permissible input voltage parameters, apparently it is not designed for such a low voltage, if you still choose a new one, pay attention to this parameter “minimum voltage at login (or network). "


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