How to connect the garage to the mains?

Sergei asks:
Good afternoon, received technical conditions for connecting a 7 kW garage. What kind of water machine, metering device, protection device should be installed when assembling the metering board? In TU, the connection with the SIP cable is only prescribed, but the section, amperage is not registered.
The answer to the question:
Good afternoon. SIP - 16 mm², phase one? If yes, then a 32A machine, if three - then 10A. What do you mean by a protection device? If there is grounding (PE conductor) or you make your own circuit - put a difavtomat on an input or an automatic machine + RCD, then at your discretion, you can divide the wiring into 2 groups - light + sockets, you can see examples of wiring in the garage in this article. On the meter - modern almost everything can withstand up to 60A with direct connection and anyone will do, it is better to ask the electrician of your garage company what they put in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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