Stabilization of voltage in an apartment building

Hello, I am the chairman of an apartment building, a one-entry house with 180 apartments. Last month, an accident occurred in the house, namely, due to power surges, many small and large household appliances burned out. The reason was found out, according to the conclusion of the electrician, this is the lack of a working zero, which jumped to the ground due to the fact that during the construction of the grief electricians forgot to put a jumper. For 5 years, the earth worked as a working zero, but at a fine moment it could not stand it due to power surges, the surges were recorded up to 280V at the entrance to the house, and the drops were up to 210V. The management company proposed to install a voltage relay on each riser, which implies high costs, and in the event of a power surge there will be short-term power outages.

Question:Is there any equipment that can be installed on the input to the house to stabilize the voltage? The so-called voltage stabilizers, as a separate unit for an apartment, are only interested in the whole house, and is there such a practice at all?



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    Do not put voltage stabilizers on the house. In order for the voltage to be approximately equal in phase, the load should be evenly distributed across the phases. In order to avoid the negative consequences of a zero wire break, the supply line from which your house is powered must be in normal technical condition, it must meet the requirements that apply to a particular grounding system. Such a bias was just due to a zero break - this is the fault of the electricity supplying organization, since they must maintain the supply networks in good technical condition and must not allow the network to operate in abnormal conditions - as in your case the land was used as working zero. The next time, the skew can be even more, depending on the difference in load between phases. If there is even greater load imbalance, then, accordingly, the voltage in one of the phases can be even higher up to 300 V and higher. That is, you need to ensure that the energy supplying organization brings the power supply networks, including the house buildings, to a normal state that meets the requirements.
    Unfortunately, a very large percentage of networks are in unsatisfactory condition, and electricians often do not fully perform their work, so the only reliable option is to take care of protecting your electrical appliances yourself. That is, each resident must install a voltage relay in the apartment. The voltage relay is several times cheaper than household appliances, which can fail in the event of a malfunction in the mains. Very often people understand this only after expensive household appliances fail.

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  • lyudmila

    Hello everybody ! can I put the stabilizer only on my apartment, because the neighbors do not want to, can I do this and where to go?

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