Will the difavtomat work if there is no ground?

Install the Dif. There is no land in the house. Phase, zero goes through the Dif, ground parallel from zero to the ground terminal of the outlet. Tell me, please, will the Dif work on a leak or not?

The answer to the question:
Hello! Your question is not entirely clear, you say that there is no land, and then write that the earth is parallel to zero? That is, you mean to use the grounding instead of grounding and take the zero wire to the "earth" contact of the sockets to the difavtomat, I understand correctly?

To work, such a scheme will work, but keep in mind that you can’t do this, if only because in the event of zero burn-off, hazardous voltage will appear on the cases of all electrical appliances! It is better then not to connect anything to the grounding contacts of the outlets. Dif will work without the earth, if you touch the phase or the housing on which it appeared and you will not be killed by electric current (DO NOT CHECK IT!)

In more detail, we examined the issues of connecting diffavomats in the articlehttps://my.electricianexp.com/en/kak-podklyuchit-difavtomat.html




    Yes, there is a zeroing. Phase wire through differential, zero through differential. In the socket, the third terminal is ground, a wire from the same zero terminal of the shield approaches it, but bypassing the differential

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      This is the usual grounding, in this case, with a good leak, not only the differential, but also the ordinary machine will knock out ...

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