Rating of manufacturers of underfloor heating - a review of 7 leading firms

If you decide to make an electric floor heating in the house, first you need to calculate the material, then go to the store and buy the right amount of heating cable, mat or film. Here things are already more serious, because you need to choose a company that will serve you for a long time and without frequent repairs. Not sure which manufacturer of electric underfloor heating is better in price and quality? Next, we will provide an overview of the most reliable brands of domestic and global scale!

Devi (Denmark)


The top of the rating of manufacturers of electric underfloor heating is Danish company Devi. The heating cable of this company has a guarantee of 20 years, and judging by customer reviews, the conductor in the concrete screed has never failed because of a defect or poor quality. Indeed, the quality of the material is at a very high level and at the same time, the cost of the system is lower than that of competing well-known brands. A positive point is that the Danish service centers Devi are found in many large cities, so even if you have a cable failure, you can call the repair service, the cost of which is included in the guarantee. Another important plus is Devi's electric underfloor heating does not dry the air when heated.

Caleo (South Korea)


The second most popular is the Korean company Kaleo, which is famous for its infrared film materials. In fact, the Caleo electric underfloor heating is very high quality and has not without reason won the hearts of many buyers. The only but significant drawback of the product is the increased fragility of the film associated with its super thinness. And in truth, the film heat-insulated floor has a thickness of 0.42 mm, as a result of which it must be very carefully laid under a laminate or linoleum. As for the cost of products of the Korean manufacturer, here you will already pay more, but still for the price and quality this option will be very suitable!




A well-known Russian brand, one of the leading electrical products on the market of Russia and the CIS, is also a manufacturer of underfloor heating for all types of coatings - tiles, stone, parquet, linoleum and carpet. The main feature of REXANT floor heating is the reliability and quality of products made from environmental materials. A big plus was the affordable price.

In addition to underfloor heating, REXANT produces anti-icing systems to protect pipes and piping elements, gutters, roofs from frost from freezing. These systems are a self-regulating cable, sections of which are automatically turned on and off when exposed to negative temperatures.

Teplolux (Russia)

Thermal Suite

The Russian company of an electric heat-insulated floor - TEPLOLUX pleased us with its products.Deliveries of the domestic heating system have already been sent to 8 countries and this is far from the limit, which makes it clear about the high quality and reliability of the heating cable, film coating and thermomats. Among Russian manufacturers, TEPLOLUX is the best and most demanded in the market. His only competitor is the National Comfort company, which is also popular in the domestic rating.

Ensto (Finland)


Another high-quality foreign manufacturer of electric underfloor heating is the Finnish company Ensto. The advantage of their products is that the material for heating the floor can be used in the most problematic conditions: too wet / dry rooms, under tiles, in unheated buildings and even in stone floors. In all these conditions, Finnish Ensto thermomat proved to be a very reliable and durable material. The cost of Finnish products has a fairly wide range, which allows you to choose the most suitable version of the conductor for price and quality. The price mainly depends on the power of the mat, which can be no less than 160 W / m2.


Unimat (South Korea)


Another good Korean company for the production of infrared underfloor heating is Unimat. Unimat products are used in the installation of heating in baths and saunas. This is due to the fact that infrared carbon rods that heat the surface are not afraid of high humidity. Compared to its competitors, Unimat is a leader for laying under floor tiles. Additional advantages: the heating system is quite economical, has a low cost and, moreover, the warranty period is 20 years. Putting all these advantages together, we get inexpensive, durable and reliable material with many positive reviews from customers.

Rehau (Germany)


Well, a review of the leading firms of electric underfloor heating closes the German manufacturer Rehau. Despite the fact that Rehau is better known for its water floors, they also coped with the electric heating system perfectly. You can be convinced of the quality of a foreign manufacturer by reading reviews on the Internet, not only about underfloor heating, but also about the rest of the products, for example, plastic windows or pipes for heating. The advantages of the Rehau thermometer are its durability and ease of installation.

So we have provided a rating of the best manufacturers of electric underfloor heating for heating in a house, apartment, in the country. We hope that now you know which firms are better to give preference to when buying material!

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    Good afternoon!
    I think you in vain ignored the heating systems of the Raychem brand. A heating matrix of self-regulating cables was invented by this company. In Europe, Raychem is very famous and respected by builders. They are superior in market quality and reliability, and heat-shrinkable components are the best in the world.
    The problem with little fame, most likely, lies in the fact that Raychem electric heating systems “entered” our market through industry, paying little attention to the civilian sector in construction.
    Despite this, Raychem has a fairly wide range of heating cables for space heating. Both resistive (mats and ultra-thin cables of free installation), and self-regulating.

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