How to calculate the power of a warm floor?

One option autonomous heating in the apartment is a floor heating system. This option is very popular today and can be used not only in an apartment building, but also in a country cottage, in the country, and even in a bathhouse. Before proceeding with the installation of a heating system of this type, it is necessary to correctly calculate its power so as not to overpay for excess heat and at the same time not to make it weak. We will talk further about how to correctly calculate an electric warm floor according to the power and area of ​​a room!

Computing technology

It should immediately be noted that today there are services, such as online calculators and programs for calculating the warm floor for individual conditions. Such programs are really very convenient and allow you to immediately determine the exact power of the film coating or heating cable. If for some reason you do not trust computer computing, we recommend that you do everything the old fashioned way - using simple formulas.

Do-it-yourself computing

So, the formula for calculating an electric warm floor is as follows:

P = Pm * S room,


  • Pm - the power of the heating material that you yourself must choose (more on that below), m2;
  • SKomn. - useful area of ​​the room.

As you can see, the calculation formula is far from complicated, but there are two unknowns in it that you yourself must determine. As for the useful area of ​​the room, everything is simple. The heating mat, cable or film should be laid only in those places where it will not stand Appliances and furniture. Firstly, this is already prohibited by manufacturers, because Foreign objects on the floor will interfere with heat transfer, as a result of which the material will overheat. Secondly, what is the point of heating the surface where no one will walk? This is an extra waste of electricity. In the diagram you can see how the useful area of ​​the room looks for calculating the electric floor heating:

Useful heating area

Useful heating area

The calculation of the usable area for laying an electric heated floor is as follows: the width of the surface must be multiplied by the length.

As for the power of the heating material, you must choose it yourself, depending on the type of room. For each room, the power of the infrared film or mat will be different, which is obvious - the balcony and the corridor are more in need of heating than the bedroom and the nursery, which are additionally heated by water radiators.

We bring to your attention the most optimal values ​​for calculating the power of an electric floor heating:

  • kitchen: 110-130 W / m2;
  • bathroom (bathroom): 120-150 W / m2;
  • balcony: 180 W / m2;
  • hallway: 110-120 W / m2;
  • corridor: 110-120 W / m2;
  • living room 110-130 W / m2;
  • bedroom 110-130 W / m2.

Please note that the above values ​​are suitable if the electric underfloor heating will be used as an additional heating system.If you decide to use this option as the main heating system, it is necessary to choose heating material with a power of 140-180 W / m for each room2.

The usable area is known to you, power parameters are also selected. It remains only to substitute the values ​​in the formula and make a general calculation of the electric floor heating in power. In order for you to understand how to calculate this parameter, then we will provide an example for one of the rooms.

Good example

For example, we need to calculate a warm floor according to the living area of ​​25 m2. Conditionally calculate the useful area of ​​the room. Since we have a sofa, armchairs, a table and a wardrobe in the living room, the usable area will be only 60% of the total.

Sroom = 25 * 0.6 = 15 m2

The next step is to select the power of the conductor, which in our case will be a heating cable. Here is one very important nuance - the cable is sold with the characteristic not W / m2, and W / m. You must independently choose the step of laying the material per 1 square meter. For example, choosing a cable with a parameter of 30 W / m, it must be laid in increments of 20 cm to get a value of 150 W / m2. Let's go back to the calculation, and according to the recommendations we take the optimal value for the living room - 110 W / m2 (Additionally, there will be central water heating).

We substitute the values ​​in the formula, after which, using the calculator, we calculate the power:

P = 15 * 110 = 1650 W

With the calculated value, we go to the store and buy a suitable size of heating material. You can also watch an example of settlement work on the video:

How to calculate the power of a floor heating system

That's the whole technology of calculating an electric floor heating by power and room area. This formula is suitable for determining the required power both when laying the material under the laminate, and when installing under the tile. We recommend immediately calculating how much does a warm floor consume in your case, to compare with other types of electric heaters. Perhaps this heating option will be too costly and more profitable for you. connecting infrared heaters.

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