Rating of the best steam irons

An iron with the function of a steam generator allows you to iron things much better, and besides, carry out vertical ironing without spots and traces on delicate things. These devices are safe and practical, so they are gaining more and more popularity among housewives. In this article we will tell you which model is better to choose, provide a rating of the best irons with a steam generator. All models have many positive reviews on the Internet, have high quality and reliability.

Philips GC7920 / 20 PerfectCare Compact Plus

The leader of our TOP-5 is a model from the famous manufacturer Philips. For 12.5 thousand, you will become the owner of a powerful iron with the function of a steam generator (2.4 kW).

Philips GC7920 / 20


Of the important technical characteristics, I would like to note:

  • SteamGlide outsole
  • maximum pressure 6.5 bar;
  • tank volume 1.5 l;
  • the possibility of vertical steaming things;
  • there is a function of automatic power off;
  • light and sound reminder of descaling.

The only thing you can "complain about" is that there is no automatic steam adjustment. The rest of the model is optimal in price and quality, which makes this iron with a steam generator the best in 2019 among possible competitors.

Bosch TDS 6041

In second place on our list is a device from Bosh. This model is slightly more expensive (about 17 thousand), but it has a sole made using CeraniumGlisséePro technology. Thanks to this, the iron slides easier, which greatly simplifies the ironing process.

Bosch TDS 6041


In addition, I would like to note a very powerful steam boost - 380 g / min. The rest of the iron is similar to the leader of our rating. We do not consider him the best, because the cost is half as much, and the vapor pressure is slightly lower than the competition - 5.8 bar. However, the parameters that Bosch possesses are quite enough for home use, and there are no questions about the quality of manufacture of the device.

MIE Assistente di vapore

In third place is the iron, worth 12 thousand, while MIE Assistente di vapore has the following characteristics:

  • power 2.2 kW;
  • maximum steam pressure 6.5 bar;
  • tank volume 1000 ml;
  • steam flow rate up to 250 g / min;
  • there is a protection system about scale and steam adjustment, as well as an indicator of the completion of water in the boiler.

MIE Assistente di vapore


The disadvantages of this iron include a small volume of the liquid tank compared to the competitors presented above. However, at a relatively low price, the quality of this model is at a high level, so this option can be safely chosen for the home.

Loewe premium power station

In fourth place is a reliable iron with a steam generator from the German company Loewe. The price of the model is only 18 thousand.

Loewe premium power station

Iron The Loewe Premium Power Station steam generator combines the functions of an iron, a steam generator and a steamer. The built-in boiler developed by the Italian company DeLonghi allows you to heat steam to a temperature of 150 degrees at the outlet. Ceramic sole and dry steam allow you to smooth all types of fabrics with one temperature. The iron does not dry and does not burn through the fabric.Most importantly, this compact device does not take up much space, unlike steam generators with a separate tank.


  • Iron, steam generator and steamer in one device.
  • One temperature setting for all tissues.
  • Country producer: Germany.
  • Outsole Material: Ceramics.
  • Power: 800 watts.
  • Tank volume: 300 ml.
  • Vapor pressure: 7 bar.
  • Water heating time: 3 minutes.
  • Weight: 1.6 kg.
  • Cord Length: 2m.
  • The steam generator is built-in.
  • Dry steam.
  • Anti-scale system.
  • Steam adjustment.
  • Constant steam supply.
  • Vertical steaming.
  • Refueling in the process.

ENDEVER SkySteam-734

Well, and closes our rating of the best irons with the function of a steam generator is the most budgetary device, worth only 4.5 thousand.

ENDEVER SkySteam-734


The device has rather modest characteristics: a steam flow rate of 60 g / min, a Smart Glissade stainless steel sole, and a boiler volume of 900 ml. However, all the shortcomings are compensated by high quality at a very attractive price: customers claim that the device is compact and reliable, has a powerful steam boost. The disadvantages include a slightly short cord. Thus, the ENDEVER SkySteam-734 will be an ideal budget option for home use.

The best steam irons were provided for you. We hope our rating helped you choose the right option for the price and quality!

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