Choosing a clothes dryer - what is important to know?

Tumble dryers are good in that they allow you to completely abandon the various types of dryers, and even more so - clothesline that clutters the entire balcony and can also spoil the interior of the apartment. Today, most manufacturers of household appliances have in their assortment a number of machines for drying clothes, which indicates an increase in demand for this type of equipment. In this article, we will try to figure out how to choose a clothes dryer in 2017 and which one is better in terms of performance.

Drum type or cabinet?

There are two types of clothes dryers. The first resembles a classic front-loading washing machine. This embodiment is more popular when choosing appliances for home conditions, because the case takes up less space, and the appearance is more accurate. It is better to choose a drying cabinet if you have where to put it, the design does not scare you away, and at the same time you can spend a little more money. In addition, the main advantage of the cabinet is that you can simultaneously dry delicate things and shoes in it, which cannot be done in a drum kit.

Types of clothes dryers

There is another kind that you should know about - a washing machine with a drying function. Of course, she loses a little to a full-fledged drying machine, but at the same time it saves space and money. So to speak 2 in 1. Rating of the best washing machines with dryer we provided in a separate article. If you are interested in this embodiment, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material.

Determine the type of drying

The second selection criterion is the method of drying clothes. Here cars are divided into condensation and ventilation. In condensation models, things are drained due to heated air, as a result of which all moisture goes to a special container, and then to the sewer. With the ventilation type of drying, after air blowing, all the moisture goes into the ventilation system, which is hardly present in a private house.

We recommend choosing a condensation dryer, as with it there are fewer hassles in the connection, and besides, there are models that do not even need to clean the container, which further simplifies its operation.

What to look for?

Now we’ll talk about how to choose a clothes dryer for parameters that are quite numerous. Follow the tips below to choose the best model for the price and quality:

  1. The energy class must be A (the most economical) or A +. Class B may be selected, but be aware that power consumption will be higher.
  2. Pay attention to the number of drying modes. The minimum set should consist of accelerated (intensive), gentle, full (in the closet), as well as drying under the iron (things remain a little damp, which facilitates the ironing process). Also convenient modes are manual selection of fabric type and drying time.In modern models of technology there is also an “anti-crease” mode, thanks to which the drum rotates in both directions alternately, which allows for less creasing of clothes and “humidity control” - you can manually select the humidity level, after which the program is turned off. When choosing a tumble dryer for your home, decide which modes you really need and which ones are best to refuse, which will save you money.
  3. The capacity of the drum should match the capacity of the washing machine. Just keep in mind that the weight of wet laundry (which is indicated on the dryer) is an order of magnitude greater than the weight of dry laundry (indicated on washing machines). As a rule, for a family it is enough to choose a dryer of at least 7 kg.
  4. Power. The more powerful the appliance, the faster the laundry will dry. However, note that there are models of technology, power up to 4 kW. Far from every apartment wiring is able to withstand such a load. 2 kW is considered the optimal value.
  5. Sizes. Drum dryers are compact and full-sized. As a rule, the first embodiment is less popular and has fewer options, so it is better to bypass the choice of such a model. However, if the issue of saving space is in the first place, then you should know that there are compact dimensions of dryers that you can pick up.
  6. Preferably, the material of the drum is stainless steel.
  7. We recommend choosing a dryer with a heat pump, which can save up to 50% of electricity and at the same time reduce the amount of heat released into the room.
  8. There are additional options: delayed start, child protection, a water container full indicator, a timer, a transparent door, a UV disinfection lamp, and even an internal drum light.
  9. Some models of tumble dryers allow the installation of the housing “in the column”, i.e. on top of the washing machine. This is very convenient and also saves space. About, how to install a tumble dryer on a washing machine, we told in the corresponding article.
  10. The best manufacturers of clothes dryers are leading companies such as Siemens, AEG, Bosch and Electrolux. They are followed by the companies that are optimal in price and quality: Zanussi, Hotpoint-Ariston, Whirpool, Candy, Beko,, Gorenje and Indesit. If you do not know which tumble dryer is best to choose for your home, we recommend giving preference to models of these brands. By the way, a tumble dryer for clothes costs on average from 20 to 30 thousand.

Finally, we recommend that you look at the expert advice on choosing this type of equipment:

So we looked at how to choose a clothes dryer. We hope that the information provided was useful to you and now you know what you need to pay attention to when choosing this type of equipment for the home!

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    I'm for the dryers, but not with the drum. It’s better to add a couple of thousand and buy by the type of cabinet where you can hang out. I just know from experience that it is much easier to iron or you can not iron at all. Of course, the pleasure is not cheap, but we have somehow grown together with Avito. I have been using it for only a month, but have dried it already 5 times. So far I am satisfied.

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  • Jiselle

    Well, I don’t know where exactly to take, of course .. I would just go to the nearest store and start watching there. But I have a good dryer, Hotpoint. It suits me all.

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