Calculation of heat loss at home online

An online calculator for calculating heat loss at home allows you to correctly calculate the amount of heat needed to heat each room. Based on these calculations, it is possible to select the heat output of the boiler in order to make the room heating optimal. Thanks to this calculator, you can save your own money, because the calculated value will allow you to choose the most optimal characteristic of the boiler, which will be enough. With the wrong choice, you will either overpay the extra money for a too powerful boiler, or buy an insufficiently powerful equipment that can not cope with heating a private house. All that is needed is to enter the initial data into the calculator and click the "Calculate" button, after which the heat loss calculation of the house will be performed online:

The ratio of the area of ​​windows and floor
Outdoor temperature
The number of walls facing out
Type of room above calculated
Room height
Room Area
Heat loss
Boiler heating capacity

We draw your attention to the fact that this calculation is approximate. For more accurate calculations, you need to use a special program in which you can specify the material of the walls (brick, aerated concrete, timber, etc.), the orientation of the windows and other equally important parameters. However, nevertheless, an online calculation of the heat loss of the house and the heat output of the boiler in this calculator will display the result with a small error in general.

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