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In modern electronics, in most cases, surface mount elements are used. Among them are SMD resistors, they are needed to reduce weight and size indicators by increasing the number of mounted components per 1 square centimeter of a printed circuit board. The difficulty is not only the installation of small components, but also the calculation of their nominal value. You can recognize the characteristics of an element if you decipher what is written on it. In general, for surface mount components, code encoding is used, it can be digital or alphabetic.

The most common SMD resistors that use digital notation, they can easily be calculated using an online calculator. Moreover, knowing the resistance, you will find out what should be the labeling of SMD resistors. And also if you have an element of unknown size on hand, you can decipher the value of its resistance.

An SMD resistor labeling calculator is provided below:


Unit of measurement:

Distinguish the designation of 3 or 4 digits. To know the resistance, you need to understand the meaning of these numbers. In the first case, the first 2 digits are numbers, and the third is the number of zeros. That is, the marking 221 is deciphered as 22 and 0, totaling 220 Ohms. Such resistors have an error of 2 to 10%.

The calculation of resistance in the second case is similar, here the first 3 digits are numbers, and the last is the number of zeros or the degree to which the factor “10” should be raised. Suppose we calculate the face value of an element with characteristic 4701:

470 * 10 ^ 1 = 4700 Ohm = 4.7 kOhm with a tolerance of 1%

If the component has a fractional value, then the letter R plays the role of a point in the cipher, then the calculation has the form:

2R3 = 2.3 ohms

The latter type of marking is EIA-96, unfortunately our online calculator does not support it. It refers to an alphanumeric designation. But you can easily calculate the value from the table:

Marking EIA-96

Here the first two digits - contain information about the numerical part of the face value, and the last letter is the multiplier.

To accurately and quickly determine the resistance of the SMD resistor, use the capabilities of our online calculator. It is also useful for quickly selecting the desired resistance from a bunch of unknown elements.

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