Schneider Electric sockets and switches overview + price comparison

Holding with a worldwide reputation - Schneider Electric is one of the best manufacturers of wiring accessories and protective automation. Most professionals prefer their products, because it is primarily reliable, safe and most importantly - high quality. In this article, we decided to consider Schneider Electric sockets and switches, making an overview of all the series that exist in the CIS market. The description below will help you choose the most suitable option, based on the purpose of the products, the interior of the rooms and, no less important, the price. So, about everything in more detail, we begin the review of series from the most budgetary to the premium segment. You will see the difference yourself, this is not only the shapes and colors, but also the material of manufacture, which may pleasantly surprise you.

Hit - economy option for offices

Sockets and switches Schneider Electric Hit are structurally the simplest, all versions in white are made. Despite this, the manufacturer tried to maintain the reliability, restrained appearance of the products and, most importantly, the build quality. Hit series is represented by products for open and hidden installation, degree of protection IP20. Moreover, all mechanisms are made of heat-resistant electrical materials that will ensure fire safety of electrical wiring.


Prices range from 30-75, which is permissible for the population. If you want to choose inexpensive, but high-quality sockets and switches - this series is perfect for the price and quality! Most often, this embodiment is used in office premises.

Prima - a budget option for the population

If Schneider Electric Hit is made in strictly white color (for office), then the Prima series is more suitable for budget wiring in an apartment and a house. In the CIS market, Prima is the best-selling Schneider Electric range of sockets and switches. The reason for the high demand is the inexpensive price, while the color of the fittings is not only standard white, but there are also such solutions as ivory, beech and pine.


Prices in 2019 are as follows:

  • Sockets from 65.
  • Switches from 55.

It is important to note that wiring products can be represented by a unit, for example, 2 switches with a socket. You should also pay attention to the fact that the design provides protective shutters to protect against accidental ingress of objects into the holes for connecting the electric plug.

Rondo - Extra Protection and Soft Lines

The Rondo series attracts customers by the fact that, due to their low cost, the soft lines of the frames make these sockets and switches more harmonious in the interior. As a result, the fittings do not catch the eye and do not spoil the design of the rooms. There are only 2 color schemes: white and ivory. At the same time, it is important to note that this Schneider Electric line was supplemented with moisture-proof sockets and switches, with degree of protection IP44, which allowed its use not only indoors, but also on the street with the organization of additional protective measures. Execution options both for the hidden installation, and for external (laid on products).


We also add that the Rondo switches can be equipped with a backlight, and sockets with protective curtains. In this regard, the price becomes slightly higher, namely:

  • Sockets from 75 (waterproof from 115);
  • Switches from 85 (from 135 for IP44).

Study - solutions for a country house

If you decide to conduct electrical wiring in a country house, at the same time you want to install inexpensive, but high-quality electrical accessories - Schneider Electric Study will be one of the most suitable solutions. This series is specially designed for installation in country houses. Sockets and switches can be both for open installation, and for hidden. The color of the frames, keys and the case can be white, cream, gray or wood-like (beech or pine). The products are manufactured with a degree of dust and moisture protection IP20 or in a protected version IP44.


Prices are even higher - standard sockets and switches for concealed installation from 95, and if you want an outdoor version of execution and even under a pine tree, you will have to pay at least 250 for it.

Duet - flower petals in design

If you choose inexpensive sockets and switches for an apartment, house or hotel, we recommend that you pay attention to the Duet series from Schneider Electric. The modern design of the petal-shaped frames makes these products more original and stylish. The frame design allows you to make combinations of different colors: white, beige, silver and champagne.


It is important to note that this Schneider Electric line is suitable only for concealed installation. Of the design features, I would like to highlight self-extinguishing plastic, a silver coating of the contacts of the switches, as well as the presence of a connection circuit on the case.

The price tag grows even higher and starts from:

  • Sockets from 110;
  • Switches from 135;
  • Frames from 35.

Wessen 45 - mechanisms for cable channels

If you decide conduct wiring in the cable channelAs an option, you can choose Wessen sockets and switches. In this regard, the W45 series is already outdated, but it can still be found in some online stores. W45 electrical accessories are also inexpensive, and the mechanism is easily attached to the cable channel and fixed securely in it. Note that cable channels must be Ultra or OptiLine 45.

There are several colors: a white body in two different colors and red. For houses and apartments this is not the most suitable option, but for the office it is quite suitable.

Wessen 45

The cost of production starts from:

  • 110 per switch;
  • 125 per outlet.

It is important to note that the sockets are equipped with protective curtains, the degree of protection of products is IP44, which means that they can be used in bathrooms and other types of rooms with high humidity. The contact groups of the switches are made of silver, and the contacts of the sockets are made of highly elastic phosphor bronze, which positively affects the reliability of the contact connection with the plug.

Wessen 59 - line for offices and hotels

The newer Schneider Electric W59 series is most in demand among hotels and office space. This is due to the budget cost of accessories, the presence of several color solutions and the ability to combine colors.

So, Wessen 59 sockets and switches can be represented in the following palettes:

  1. White
  2. Beech
  3. Black velvet
  4. Satin chrome
  5. Bog oak
  6. Pine
  7. Ivory
  8. Champagne

The collection was created for low-cost interiors, while the frame design allows you to combine several different colors at one electrical point, combining mechanisms. The socket contacts are made of brass, and the switches are made of silver.

Wessen 59

Prices are also acceptable:

  • Switches from 110;
  • Sockets from 105;
  • Frames from 25.

Important! There is another series on the market - Wessen W59aqua. It is represented by dust and water tight products with a degree of protection IP44. However, the design of the frames for the Wessen W59aqua and W59 is different, so these lines are not interchangeable!

Blanca - design solution in the budget segment

In 2017, Schneider Electric Blanca sockets and switches appeared on the market, which quickly gained interest among the visitors of the summit, and in the future from buyers. The fact is that despite the budget cost, the lineup is presented in 7 popular color solutions and is also suitable for both open and hidden wiring.

The colors of the fittings are as follows:

  1. White
  2. Beige
  3. Lactic
  4. Aluminum
  5. Titanium
  6. Anthracite
  7. Ash


Overhead sockets and switches of the Blanca series are well suited for summer cottages and country houses. Considering that the series is design and the manufacturer is Schneider Electric, the prices are quite ridiculous:

  • Sockets from 70;
  • Switches from 75.

AtlasDesign - classic in German tradition

Another series of sockets and switches, the design of which was thought out to perfection. The highlight of AtlasDesign is the flat surfaces of all elements (frames, mechanisms, keys). At the same time, the frame design and 10 color palettes allow you to combine products in such a way as to achieve maximum harmony with the interior. Colors are as follows:

  1. White
  2. Beige
  3. Aluminum
  4. Steel
  5. Champagne
  6. Pearls
  7. Emerald
  8. Carbon
  9. Stylus
  10. Mocha

You can appreciate all the beauty of the shades in the photo:


With such an ideal design and color, the cost of sockets and switches of the AtlasDesign series is quite low:

  • Sockets from 95;
  • Switches from 105;
  • Frames from 25.

In our opinion, in the review provided, this is one of the best lines of electrical accessories in terms of price and quality.

Glossa - More Flowers

The budget segment of Schneider Electric sockets and switches is closed by the Glossa series, which is characterized by soft lines in the outline of the mechanisms and stylish rich colors. Immediately move on to the palettes of color solutions, there are 14. In addition to the standard white, beige, and aluminum colors, the following colors can be distinguished:

  1. Titanium
  2. Oak
  3. Anthracite
  4. Chocolate
  5. Nacre
  6. Pistachio
  7. Lactic
  8. Platinum
  9. Purple Haze
  10. Eggplant
  11. Graphite


It is possible to replace frames by combining colors and playing with contrast. Soft design fits perfectly into the interior of any apartment or house, where the interior is far from last.

Prices in 2019 start from:

  • Switches 110 and above;
  • Sockets from 115;
  • Frames from 30.

As we can see, the price range is also affordable for the average buyer.

Sedna - sleek design and austere forms

We turn to the medium series of sockets and switches Schneider Electric. Let's start with the fairly well-known Sedna line, which is often used in installation of electrical wiring in apartments and private homes. The strict appearance of the frames, combined with an elegant color scheme, makes the fittings rich and modern. It is important to note that the Schneider Electric Sedna is manufactured in accordance with EU standards, and the range is also certified, which confirms its high quality.

Of the shades, the manufacturer introduced: white, beige, red, graphite, titanium and aluminum. You can change the framework (up to 5 posts) to make an unusual combination for your own conditions.


The entire line is suitable for concealed wiring, the degree of protection can be IP20 or IP44.

Unica (Basic, Quadro, Chameleon, New Studio)

In the range of electrical products of the Schneider Electric company, there are 6 varieties of the Unica series: basic, Quadro, Chameleon, New Studio, Pure, Top and Class. The first 4 lines relate to the middle price segment, the rest - premium. Within this part of the review, we will talk about less expensive models.

Unica Basic is a very common series that has found its application for domestic purposes. Schneider Electric Unica is familiar to most electricians, as often used in the arrangement of the electrical network of houses and apartments. There are 6 color schemes; the colors “Blue Ice”, “Bronze” and “Cream” look especially unusual.


Prices are acceptable for the population:

  • Sockets from 200;
  • Switches from 205;
  • Frames from 75.

The Schneider Electric Quadro series is very similar to the above line in appearance, however, the main difference is the absence of a decorative insert and what is most interesting is the bright unusual colors, of which there are 12. All palettes are shown in the photo:

Unica quadro

Prices for electrical accessories start at 270 for switches and sockets.

Unica Chameleon is one of the richest in color palette series. You can make a combination of 2 key colors and 20 different frames. There are such unusual colors as gold, lilac, green apple. The work of Spanish designers was a success, while Unica Chameleon is not only attractive in appearance, but also reliable in the best traditions of Schneider Electric.

Unica Chameleon

The cost of switches and sockets without frames starts at 200, frames cost from 110 and above.

Unica New Studio - a new series of sockets and switches, featuring a completely unusual approach to design. It is important to note that New Studio frames can be replaced with the classic Unica frames. There are even more colors and combinations: 4 button colors and 16 types of frames. There are so-called sub-series (Mono, Color and Metal). The latter are a little more expensive, since the frames are made of metal.

Unica New Studio Color

Unica New Studio Metal

Prices are still acceptable: sockets from 230, switches from 240, frames from 50 to 700 for the Metal series.

Odace - round keys and natural materials

If you want to choose Schneider Electric sockets and switches from metal, wood or artificial stone, Odace will be the most budgetary line in this regard. Also frames and keys can be made and thermoplastic. A series is presented by 15 color schemes of frames and two options of execution of mechanisms. The round keys look quite modern and unusual, despite the fact that this design entered the market back in 2013.


The price tag has grown to 400 for sockets and switches (minimum cost) and from 260 beyond.

Mureva Styl - increased protection against moisture and dust

Schneider Electric has developed moisture-proof sockets and switches, the degree of protection of which is IP55. This is an excellent solution for powering garages, basements, gazebos, terraces and production facilities. In addition to the high build quality and reliability of the mechanisms, the manufacturer also decided to make a series in two colors: white and anthracite.

Mureva styl

The price of sockets starts at 800, circuit breakers from 700. It's expensive, but safe.

Unica Class, Top, Pure - the company's elite series

We turn to the elite Schneider Electric products, starting with the previously considered Unica line, or rather its expensive variety.

The Unica Top range of sockets and switches is made of natural wood (such as beech or cherry) or metal. High-quality materials and stylish design are what makes it special. Most often, these electrical products are used in expensive hotels and hotels, as well as in apartments and houses, when there is extra money for such an extraordinary luxury.

Unica top

Unica Class is the premium collection of Schneider Electric. Frames and mechanisms are made not only from familiar wood and artificial stone, but also from glass, leather, natural stone and even steel. The main idea of ​​the manufacturer is to bring some of the nature to your home.

Unica class

Unica Pure is made in similar motives and from the same materials, the difference in design. You can see all the charm of the series in the photo:

Unica pure

Speaking of prices, at least 200 will have to be paid for sockets and switches, but the frames will cost much more - from 1200 and above.

Merten - a true German assembly

Well, completing the review of sockets and switches Schneider Electric Merten series (made in Germany), which is divided into:

  • Merten Antique is the perfect solution for classic interiors. The materials are decorated with gilding, and a rich brown color will complement the expensive interior of the room.Antique
  • Merten M-Plan - strict design and high quality materials, 5 colors (cream, white, aluminum and anthracite).M-plan
  • Merten M-Pure - minimalism in a combination of colors such as brilliant white, anthracite and aluminum.Merten m-pure
  • M-Pure Deco - for lovers of natural materials. The case of electrical accessories can be made of wood or steel.M-pure deco
  • Merten M-Elegance - natural materials combined with bright colors, which number up to 8.Merten m-elegance
  • Merten Artec - suitable for classic strict designs, where there is no place for creativity and bright colors.Merten artec
  • Merten M-Creativ is a great solution for creative people.You yourself can make a bright individual design that will not be found anywhere else.Merten m-creativ
  • Merten D-life - laconic design and natural materials have achieved recognition of this series by many designers who often use this line of sockets and switches in their projects.D-life

Speaking of prices, they start from 420 for sockets, 550 for switches and from 200 up to several thousand beyond (especially in the M-Elegance and Antique series).

We examined the Schneider Electric sockets and switches of all known series that are found on the market. As you can see, the assortment is quite large and you can choose the right type of fittings for the price, material of execution and design!

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