Legrand Socket and Switch Series - Detailed Overview

Every day we turn on and off the light with switches, insert chargers and electrical appliances into sockets. Therefore, if you are doing repairs, think about purchasing high-quality wiring products. In this article we will look at what Legrand sockets and switches are, and also what is the feature of each series.

Briefly about the brand Legrand

Legrand is a French company, its main products are wiring accessories and electrical equipment. It was founded in 1865-1866. Initially engaged in the production of table porcelain. With the development of electrical engineering, porcelain began to be used as an insulator and in 1919 Legrand began to produce dielectrics from porcelain, and in 1949 the company focused on the manufacture of products related to electrical engineering.

Currently, the company is represented by such brands as:

  • Legrand;
  • BTicino
  • Cablofil;
  • Sarlam;
  • Zucchini;
  • Contactor;
  • Estap.

Overview of Socket and Switch Series

Legrand company offers a wide range of sockets, switches and other products. You can choose different combinations of colors and materials, which will allow you to achieve a truly unique design of the room, where even small details will be in harmony with each other. The following are Legrand product lines:

  • Celiane;
  • Valena Life / Allure / Classic;
  • Etika
  • Mosaic
  • Carive;
  • Galea life;
  • Quteo;
  • Plexo;
  • Soliroc;
  • Art;
  • Livinglight BTicino;
  • Axolute BTicino.

Let's consider each of them separately.

Important! Wiring accessories Legrand are most often supplied separately from the frames, so when buying sockets and switches, you need to consider what frames you need to choose for them. Frames from different series are most often not interchangeable, due to their shape.

Celiane - a fresh look at familiar forms

Legrand's Celiane range is characterized by round openings in the frame for sockets or switches. The keys of the light switches can be narrow and wide, and are also made in 4 colors:

  • Ivory;
  • white;
  • titanium;
  • graphite.

Celiane Series

There are 44 types of Celiane frames available. Different colors and materials are available here: plastic, metal (copper, steel, aluminum and others), stone, wood, leather and other design solutions. The group, which the manufacturer called “moire”, is distinguished by pure and bright colors, such as white gloss, ivory, white, turquoise, purple yellow or orange moire. They are suitable for rooms made in a minimalist style with bright splashes. “Materials”, like leather, stone and walnut, are suitable for rooms in a classic or English style, and “metallic” is suitable for high-tech offices.

Materials and colors Celiane

Attention: the number of colors and series may vary from year to year. This applies to each of the series discussed in this article.

Legrand frames themselves are not only single and double, they can contain from 1 to 5 posts, as well as oval holes for multimedia modules.

Framework Celiane

One of the chips of the Celiane series is a socket with a recessed panel. This prevents dust accumulation. And also, as the manufacturer claims, it increases safety, since the contacts in this case move away from the holes, because it is the decorative panel that moves, and the base with the contacts remains stationary.

Recessed wall socket

Also, the Legrand Celiane series is interesting in that you can upgrade products. For example, to convert a single-key switch into a two-key switch, you just need to break out the plugs and add one mechanism.

Alteration of the Celiane switch

Average price in 2019:

  • switches from 390 r ($ 5.7);
  • frames from 120 r ($ 1.6);
  • sockets from 400 r ($ 5.8).

Valena Life / Allure / Classic - stylish solutions for any interior

The Legrand Valena series is divided into three lines:

  • Life
  • Allure
  • Classic.

Each of them differs in design and a set of color schemes, we will consider them in more detail.

Valena Life is distinguished by rounded corners with square frames, the key is curved along the axis of its movement. While Allure shapes are soft, the sides are not straight, but rounded.

Valena Life and Allure

If Life is an immortal classic, vaguely reminiscent of switches and sockets from the USSR, and is suitable for any room, then Allure is suitable for a cozy bedroom because of its soft outlines.

The mechanisms of the Life and Allure series are interchangeable, they are called “IN’MATIC”, the connection is made using screwless clamps. Legrand steel calipers are coated with an insulating polycarbonate layer. The presence of calipers facilitates the installation of several sockets and switches in a row. They are connected to each other thanks to the grooves and protruding spikes on the faces. All live parts of Legrand sockets and switch mechanisms are insulated, accidental contact during installation or maintenance is excluded. Assembly of frames and front panel without screws, on latches.

Life and Allure Mechanisms

In the Valena Life line, 3 colors of front panels (white, ivory and aluminum) and 14 frame options are available, and in Valena Allure - 7 panel colors (added: anthracite, pearls, polished and black steel) and 22 frames.

Color solutions Valena Life and Allure

The design of Valena Classic is restrained and resembles the Life series, however, the plane of the keys and frames is smoothed, inside outlined by horizontal inserts for metal, bone, glass or merging with the main color.

Colors Valena Classic

There are 3 colors of front panels, a wide range of colors for frames both classic and wood-like, and with patterns, some of which you see above. Valena Classic is suitable for any room. It is worth noting that in this series there are products with protective curtains for use in the bathroom, their dust and moisture protection class - IP44.


Waterproof sockets Valena Classic

The number of posts within Valena can be from 1 to 5.

Prices for Allure:

  • switches from 225 r ($ 3.25);
  • frames from 90 r ($ 1.35);
  • sockets from 200 r ($ 3).


  • switches from 225 r ($ 3.25);
  • framework from 60 r (0.9 $);
  • sockets from 200 r ($ 3).


  • switches from 135 r ($ 2);
  • frames from 30 r ($ 0.45);
  • sockets from 100 r ($ 5).

Etika - bright minimalism

Legrand Etika is an inexpensive series of wiring accessories with a simple design and a wide range of colors.

Etika Series

Frames are secured with latches without removing the front panel, and the wires are connected with screwless clamps. To install several posts in one line there are guides on the calipers, as in previous series. Outlets have protective curtains.

Construction Legrand Etika

For use on the street and in rooms with low humidity there are products with protection class IP44.

Sockets and switches Legrand IP44


  • switches from 100 r ($ 1.5);
  • frames from 30 r ($ 0.45);
  • sockets from 100 r (1.5 $).

Mosaic - office solutions

The manufacturer positions Legrand Mosaic sockets and switches as solutions for office buildings and offices. Sockets and switches here are typed in modular systems or columns for mounting on walls, tables, cable channels and even on the floor. This provides a compact and convenient connection to all electrical appliances and lighting control.

Mosaic sockets

The surface of the keys of switches and sockets contains silver ions, this allows you to destroy bacteria. Frames are available in two versions - white and aluminum. The calipers are called batibox, they are universal and suitable for vertical as well as horizontal installation of up to 5 modules.There are options for calipers with contour lighting.

Mosaic switches


  • switches from 400 r ($ 6);
  • framework from 100 r (1.5 $);
  • sockets from 300 r ($ 4.5).

Cariva - restraint

Sockets and switches Legrand Cariva have a discreet neutral design, have established themselves as reliable products. Suitable for domestic premises and public places.

Cariva Series

The main color schemes are white and ivory. Frame colors - 6.

Galea Life - Bold Solutions

Legrand Galea Life is a range of wiring accessories that uses a number of materials: plastic, leather, artificial stone, wood and metal. The products are based on PRO21, the award-winning Design Award Winner.

Galea life


  • switches from 150 r ($ 2.3);
  • framework from 100 r (1.5 $);
  • sockets from 50 r (0.75).

Series for outdoor wiring

For outdoor installation, Legrand has two series - Quteo (Forix) and Plexo. Quteo are made in protection classes IP20 and IP44, can be used in domestic premises, for example in a wooden house and other places with external wiring. Particularly interesting are the multi-post framework. So you can install up to 6 outlets in one place neat and practical. The main colors are white, ivory and under the pine (tree).

Quteo Series

An interesting feature is that a universal key is installed on the backlit switches, if you turn it over, then instead of the three display points the bell will glow. The backlight is installed LED.


  • switches from 110 r ($ 1.65);
  • sockets from 110 r ($ 1.65).

Plexo are available in IP55 and IP66. They are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and are best suited for the outdoors, garages and workshops. The products are based on the PRO21 mechanism.

Unlike Quteo, the design is dominated by gray and white, and more importantly, there are options for indoor and outdoor installation. Cable entries are designed to prevent moisture from entering the wall outlet or switch.

PLEXO IP 55 ARCTIC also belongs to this series - it differs from the usual ones by the presence of an antibacterial coating with silver ions. For IP66 sockets, the presence of a guide casing and an increased curtain are characteristic, they also differ in black and gray color design. By the way, they are good for a bath or shower.

Waterproof Plexo Series

Interesting! For Plexo IP55, there are frames up to 3 posts, and in IP-66 up to 2 posts.


  • switches from 450 r ($ 6.7);
  • framework from 300 r ($ 4.5);
  • sockets from 650 r ($ 9.7).

Soliroc - anti-vandal solutions for public places and not only

The Leirond Soliroc range of wiring accessories is great for working in public places. This anti-vandal series is designed for hidden wiringbut there are patch boxes for mounting over walls.

Soliroc series

Using a special adapter, it is possible to install products of the Mosaic series. In one row, it is possible to install from 1 to 3 posts depending on the type of lining (frame), the sockets are protected by hinged curtains. The products are very durable - they withstand impacts of up to 20 joules and have a protection class of IP55. The frames are screwed and the fasteners are closed with plugs, which increases resistance to impacts - there is less chance that the outlet will be torn off.


  • switches from 3000 r ($ 6.7);
  • framework (aluminum) from 2600 r ($ 4.5);
  • sockets from 1800 r ($ 9.7).

To summarize

We examined what types of sockets and switches there are by Legrand by series. It is impossible to unequivocally answer which models are better to choose, because the mechanisms of switches and sockets are equally good. For an apartment, the best option should be chosen based more on the design, the Mosaic series has been created for the office, and for use outdoors, in the bathroom or the workshop, choose protected products, for example, Quteo, Soliroc or Plexo. The choice depends on the environmental conditions, method and location.

Almost all series have products compatible with the MyHome smart home system and the MyHome Play wireless radio system, which operates via the ZigBee protocol. Also in all series there are both information sockets for connecting television, audio and the Internet, as well as power, as well as various multimedia modules.

The prices in the article are for the cheapest product at the time of writing (early 2019).It is worth considering that models made of natural materials - stone and other things are orders of magnitude more expensive. For example, a Legrand Celiane frame trimmed with leather costs about 5500.

Finally, we recommend watching a video review of some of the series discussed in the article:

We hope that the provided overview of sockets and switches Legrand was interesting and useful for you. We, in turn, wish that the products you have chosen last for a long time and, most importantly, ensure the safe operation of your home electrical network!

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