Dishwasher program freezes

Dishwasher Indesit DSG 5737. Machine 3 years, use only during the shutdown of hot water, that is rare. I turned on the washing mode together with the dishes for 1 h. 50 m., I did not carry out an idle cycle after a long break, the rinse aid indicator lit up, after 10 minutes, the time indicator switched to 10 minutes and the process was completed. Put on an intensive cycle for 2h.25m. The process went on normally for the first hour, but at the washing time of 1 h 10 m, the machine began to perform the processes of draining and collecting water, the time sensor began to switch from 1 h 10 m. to 1h. 8m, then again 1h. 10m. and so on to infinity, draining and collecting water. A long press of the start button did not work, I had to choose the program for the shortest wash for 8 minutes, she, fortunately, completed the washing process and I was able to open the machine. According to the state of the dishes, the sink was, unfortunately, unclear whether there was heating, although the sounds were normal and indicators (except for the rinse aid) did not signal anything. What could be the reason?


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    Hello! First you need to determine if there is water leakage from the dishwasher. It is also advisable to immediately check the heater. The control board may be defective.

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