Why connect the ground to a chandelier with a remote control?

Hello! I bought a chandelier with remote control and LED backlight. I connected it myself. 4 wires stick out from the ceiling, one of which is to ground. The chandelier also has such a wire. I did not connect the ground, but connected everything else and everything works. They say that it is necessary to connect the ground to such a chandelier, is that so and what are the consequences if I did not connect it? And what happens if suddenly the remote controller fails? Since the switch is now always on, I worry if there will be any short circuit. Thanks in advance!


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    The main task of grounding is to protect a person from electric shock. When using a chandelier, usually a person does not come into direct contact with it except for replacing lamps. In the event of the appearance of a dangerous potential on the metal parts of the chandelier, a person may be shocked - this is unlikely, but this cannot be ruled out. Moreover, there are no problems - you already have a ground wire, it is quite simple to connect it and do not bother with this issue anymore.
    At the expense of short circuit - in your shield should be installed circuit breakers that protect against possible short circuit, including in lighting circuits.

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