Turning off the circuit breaker after a short rainfall

Dear Master! I live in a private house. In my basement is a water pump and a boiler. They are included in one extension cord, the wire of which goes through the ceiling of the basement to the terrace and is included in a short extension cord, which includes a refrigerator and then this is in the shield of the machine, which is located on the terrace wall. So on this outlet included a boiler, hydrophore and a refrigerator. An outlet in the bathroom, where I periodically turn on the washing machine and two outlets in the kitchen. On one electric kettle and microwave, on another stationary comp. Last week, an automatic machine (main button) was cut down and I pulled a boiler out of the extension cord and everything worked again, and after a couple of hours I switched it back on the same extension cord. Everything worked great for a week. A week later, everything repeated. True, on the eve of both the first and second cases there was a short rainfall (in the basement the walls and floor are completely dry). Maybe because of this there was a voltage drop and it knocked out the machine. Is it possible? Please advise what to do. Respectfully Selivanova Vera.



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    Good day! First of all, you should pay attention to what load you include in one outlet. An ordinary household outlet is usually designed for 16 A (3.5 kW). If you plug in a large power outlet, it is more likely that it will be damaged. The same goes for the extension cord. If the extension cord includes a load higher than the permissible one for this extension cord, then it may be damaged, which could result in fire.
    The circuit breaker in the panel serves to protect against short circuits and overload. An automatic machine at the input in the shield limits the current load of the wiring as a whole. If your introductory machine is turned off, then probably at the time of its disconnection a large load was turned on in the house, which exceeded the allowable for the machine. At the time of disconnection, please note that it was connected to the network and, in order to avoid reconnection, do not turn on the power exceeding the maximum allowable for the machine.

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    • Svetlana

      And why in the rain? In our apartment it’s the same in the rain. Without any special load.

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