Generator selection for submersible pump operation

In a hydroponic greenhouse there is a submersible pump operating through a cyclic relay. Depending on the circumstances, both the duration of the operation and the frequency of switching on varies. During a power outage, I would like to have an emergency power source. 500 watts pump Capacity with a solution of 1.5 m depth. Residential building 2 refrigerators and household appliances. If it's necessary. So the question is, which generator to choose for the submersible pump?


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    Hello! If it’s more advisable to use a battery and an inverter or an uninterruptible power supply unit to power the pump, you can connect any battery to them. When there is light - it will be charged, and when not - it will give out 220V. To reserve electricity at home, a generator is better. Do you have a 1 or 3 phase power supply system? You need more than 4000 kVA, and the rest rests on your budget

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