Choosing lights for a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are gaining popularity every year, because they are easy to install and hide all defects in the geometry of the room. However, we all know how important proper lighting in the house and how important it is for coziness and a comfortable stay in the apartment. That is why in this topic we will tell you how to choose lamps for suspended ceilings, share with you certain nuances and rules.

3 types of products are suitable for a stretch ceiling - point, suspended and ceiling-mounted. Let us dwell on each of them in more detail for the right choice.


Spotlights are suitable for any room, whether it is a bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen. Design with such lighting can radically change the apartment, because the light can be done from different angles, in different places and even in different colors! What could be better for lovers of experiments and bold decisions?

However, for quality installation of spotlights You must select an experienced and trusted master. Together with a specialist, it will be necessary to think over the entire technology before the start of installation work, choose the design of lighting devices, determine their number and colors. By the way, it is believed that the product placement rate is 1 piece per 2 square meters.

Choosing a point option is not an easy task, but it's worth it! For example, we offer you a small photo gallery with design ideas for such lighting:


If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive option for lighting, we recommend choosing pendant lights. Be sure to check that the hook in the draft ceiling matches the opening in the stretch and you can safely take to the selection of a suitable lighting fixture.

The only thing you should not forget is that stretch ceilings should never be overheated. Therefore, you need to choose a product so that the ceiling shares it with the ceiling. This option is not always suitable and if you still decide to buy a lamp where the lamp is pointing up, we recommend that you choose for lighting fluorescent lamp. In addition, make sure that the distance between them is at least 40 cm (this also applies to ceiling lights) in order to avoid overheating.

Options for beautiful lighting with pendant lights, you can also look at the photo:


Ceiling lamps most often include a variety of products that are attached directly to the ceiling. A good option is to install a large beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room, but small point devices can be installed around the perimeter. There are also certain nuances of how to choose the right model, in particular, how the lamps should be located. It is best to choose energy-saving lamps for the chandelier in order to avoid excessive heating. If you have chosen a different view, buy a device in which the ceiling will be directed upwards.

You can see interesting design ideas with ceiling-mounted products in the following photos:

The choice of a lamp for a stretch ceiling is very important. The best solution is to buy a halogen and LED product. Such lamps, with correctly located lamps, can visually enlarge the room, have a bright shine and are energy-saving. It is not recommended to use a conventional incandescent lamp, as it has the property of heating up and the web can be damaged.

What else do you need to know

Now you know what kind of luminaires are for stretch ceilings and how they differ from each other. We bring to your attention some more secrets on how to choose the right light fixture:

  • Before buying and installing a stretch ceiling, be sure to draw a plan for the placement of lighting fixtures and wires, just imagine what you need.
  • When choosing, think about the reliability of the selected company. Remember that if a product installed in a suspended ceiling breaks, replacing it will be very problematic. Ecola firm received positive feedback and popularity due to the appropriate combination of price, quality and a huge selection of models. It makes sense to opt for these fixtures.
  • Extraordinary lighting fixtures will be combined with glossy ceilings, matte film is suitable for the classic version.
  • For the bathroom, you need to choose moisture-resistant fixtures in a special sealed enclosure.
  • Whatever type of product you choose, be sure to find out their size and method of attachment. These factors will be important for quality installation work.

Finally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with useful video recommendations on the correct choice of lighting fixtures for suspended ceilings:

That's all the tips on how to choose lights for suspended ceilings. We hope that the information was interesting, and you learned something new for yourself. Follow our recommendations, choose quality products and boldly get down to repair!

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