There was a problem connecting the two-key switch to the toilet and bath

There was a problem connecting the lights. In the hallway there is a double switch for the toilet and bath. Single to the kitchen + socket. Three wires, two phases and one zero exit the wall. I wanted to connect a toilet and a bath temporarily because for the time being I’ve got some problems with the kitchen. And it turned out that on one switch the toilet was on, and on the other the kitchen was on and the toilet was dim. Before that, all the norms had been connected from this output, I just changed the wiring in the bathroom and toilet, disconnected the switch, and now I can’t assemble it. I’m attaching my connection screen, tell me how to do it right? Explain or draw the correct diagram of who came across, an apartment in a panel nine-story building of the times of the USSR.

Wiring diagram in an old apartment


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    Could there be a leak somewhere? Why are you tearing zero? Must tear the phase. Further, if you wanted to connect a bath and a toilet at the same time - why were they distributed along the switches (according to the scheme)?
    Connect the wires from the bath and kitchen lighting back to the two-gang switch, if you are not going to power the kitchen, generally disconnect the wire and insulate it. From here it is not visible what specific wires you connected to the switches. Check if they are closed to each other (from here there may be a dim glow of lamps in one room when turning on another), and also check if the junction box and the group of switches are wet. If this is on a new wiring (you wrote that you are changing) such a problem - maybe you damaged the insulation somewhere).

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