Will the damage be compensated if the electric stove burns out after turning off the light?

love asks:
Hello! Recently, on February 1, we had a planned blackout of the house from electricity. After switching on, the induction cooker turned on and, as always, turned off and the lock worked. A little later I wanted to turn it on, the control panel did not respond, until it was unplugged and turned on again.

Then I worked as usual. On the morning of February 6, I found out that the stove and refrigerator did not work (everything on one machine was powered). At the entrance, when they turned off the machine in the kitchen, the opening machine for the apartment began to spark in the places where the nuts were fastened.

After that, the lamps began to flash in the apartment. They immediately called the emergency service, removed the opening machine and connected the apartment directly. They said that it was not working. After they turned on the stove, and the F5 value began to flash on the burners. The workshop said the board burned out, is fully replaceable.

Need expert opinion: Can I contact the management company for compensation for repairs? Automatic machines belong to common property. Means to keep them and monitor the technical condition is required by the Criminal Code. Does the failure of the opening automaton affect the operation of the automatic machines in the apartment?
Each machine performs the function of protection against overload and short circuit. And when the spark sparked, the current passed pulsed, which could cause a malfunction in the control unit of the electric furnace.

The answer to the question:
Hello, questions about damages, if the equipment burned out as a result of power surges, we described in the article - https://my.electricianexp.com/en/sgorela-bytovaya-texnika-iz-za-skachka-napryazheniya.html.

I understand that all the machines you have installed in the entrance? Why did you turn off the machine in the kitchen to make sure that it is not knocked out? Where did the opening machine start to sparkle? In the place of attachment of any nuts ?? Did you mean on the terminals where the cable is connected?

Malfunctions of the introductory machine can be said that they do not affect the operation of the machines in the apartment and do not affect the operation of the machines, but the latter can operate due to increased current, and it can leak due to power surges. But he began to spark with you through the fault of those who are responsible for him, in your case it is the Criminal Code.

As a result, we have a dual situation, on the one hand, the first "symptoms" of a malfunction of the electric stove began after the restoration of power supply. On the other hand, as a result of sparking, in principle, overvoltages could occur and the plate could fail. The main problem is that you have to prove now, to conduct an examination, during which it will be established that the equipment failed due to the user's fault, but because of poor-quality power supply.


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